Make sure you stand out head, shoulders (knees and toes!) above the rest.

Advertising comes in many formats from billboards to magazine ads, posters to POS, all the way up to events and exhibitions - it needs to reflect your business, tell your story and create awareness that makes you wonder... what’s next?

Advertising street poster

Great design speaks at a glance.

Advertising is one slice of the marketing pie, and we can help you from day one. Starting with creating a/your marketing plan, through to the fun stuff and spreading the word about your products or service. Knowing which format to choose, the list of benefits and the right call to action or how to capitalise on the results... is what we do here at GEL. We can proudly say that we've worked on everything from a product launch to a global awareness campaign.

Our clients range from SME’s to charities, retail chains to blue chip companies. We can help steer you in the right direction, pick the right tool for the job and utilising our network of suppliers, manufacturers and local businesses, to turn your ideas into reality.

Original. Engaging. Exciting.

We know the difference between our column widths and our sheet work, so you can rely on us for a range of advertising materials.


Posters have always been the ‘go to’ medium for advertising - a cheaper outlay for maximum, visual impact.


Billboards create a much larger impact and are suitably placed to hit a wide range of passersbys, both on foot or driving.

Magazine & newspaper ads.

Tailor your story for the local area, a region or nationwide. Capture the right audience and tell your story with a string of adverts.

Exhibition materials.

Stand out from the crowd with a visual structure that allows you to showcase your product, brand or services.

Popup stands & roller banners.

Great for those small events where space is at a premium, but you still want to shout it loud and proud.

POS / display units.

Provide the ultimate setting for your products, catching the eye of the customer with facts, hints, USP’s and more.

What we've worked on.

Treat your eyeballs.

We specialise in the beautiful. Each bespoke website design or graphic creation is studiously crafted until it strikes the perfect balance of effortless style and seamless usability that we pride ourselves on. Want some proof? Take a look at some of our most recent work. Go on, your eyeballs will thank you for it.

"Delivered god-like service."

GEL Studios were excellent from the start. The thing that really stood out to me was they started this whole experience off with sitting US down and hearing OUR story. I could tell immediately they were not going to just make me any old website, they were going to make OUR website. The one we had in our heads, the one in envisioned, the one that told OUR story.

Graeme and the team, from start to finish, delivered god-like service, understanding, cohesiveness and understanding. It brings a smile to my face when I can say they have turned from a new supplier into a friend. If there was a 6th star option I would tick it.

Ben Lawton
(Director at OttrWorks)

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