GEL Studios - Official MODX Ambassador
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

30 Apr 2013


Some great news to start off the year! GEL Studios has been made an official MODX Ambassador!

This is brilliant news, and is a reconisable sign to all, that GEL Studios is a specialist in all things MODX!

More information about what it means to be a MODX Ambassador can be found here.

Primary responsibilites are :

  • Facilitate sharing knowledge—host quarterly meet-ups, preferably monthly
  • Engage the Community—answer questions + offer feedback on what people need in local regions in the Forum, where coincidentally you’ll likely meet potential meet-up attendees (you’re effectively a moderator, too)
  • Build rapport—be available to meet with attendees after meet-ups at a local pub/restaurant
  • Help educate—translate tutorials & training materials, including possibly subtitles or secondary audio for videos
  • Learn—attend video conferences for updates on what’s happening with MODX
  • Feed conferences & camps—build a regional meet-up list of at least 50 people, maintained through a central MODX system for tracking, that can be invited to MODXpo conferences and MODX camps

Some of our work made in MODX

Click for a larger preview.