Why a bespoke website is better for your business
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

30 Apr 2013


With the sudden influx of advertisements on the television, telling us all about how 'cheap' and 'easy' it is to set up your own website, it became apparent to me how this could potentially be damaging to your business looking down the 'templated website' route.

Read on to find out why a bespoke website could be better for your business' This article will also contain some lovely pictures of completely bespoke websites we have built - click on any one of them to be taken to their individual write up!


Surely this is a sign of a concept that works? Ordinarily, this would be true, but in this case the more popular a design, the less unique your website becomes. One website is already boasting at having over 250,000 of it's templates downloaded and installed across the web. It is therefore obvious that there are going to be tens if not hundreds of websites out there that look remarkably similar to your own. Standing out from the crowd has long been a fundamental target for companies, and these templates only make this target harder to achieve.

Standing out to your clients is essential, and with a bespoke website you will set a great first impression.


The creative options you have available to you whilst using these templates are very limited. Common 'features' offered by such templates include the ability to add your own text and images. This can hardly be called a feature. Have you ever seen two websites that contain the exact same images and text? A unique website does not just refer to the colours, images, and text used. In fact, more so, uniqueness is generally measured by layout. Take a look at one of the companies in question (I'm sure you know of a few) and each and every template they offer shows almost identical structures. 'Customizing' such templates can only go so far, your template based website is never going to be unique. Imagine you wanted to update your design somewhere down the line, or wanted to add a feature such as an image slideshow, newsletter signup or a blog. These templates offer no way of doing so unless your original template includes it. The solution if it doesn't' - "Upgrade to our better template!", costing you more money.

With a bespoke design, the flexibility is endless, whatever you want you can achieve.

Templated websites are easily recognisable...

The increasing levels of advertisement that website template companies are throwing at us are only helping to familiarize us with the sort of designs that these companies offer.

This usually includes a generic title, header image and some ugly styled navigation. As such, potential clients are becoming more and more aware of when a website has used such templates, and this is only likely to defer them from doing business with you.

To a lot of people it does come down to budget, some people just dream of having a website by us but think that it is out of their price range!

Templates websites are made for many, not one..

The companies offering these templates (I'm trying hard not to name them!) allow you to pick your industry, and pick from one of their industry specific templates. Great, right? Wrong. Typically, the industries offered are so generalised they offer no real benefit. One example I came across was an industry entitled 'Restaurants'. Off the top of my head I can think of at least 20 different cuisines, and at least 5 well known food chains within each who offer differing culinary experiences. That's 100 different restaurant chains in one single industry, and that's only the well known ones. Is one template going to be applicable to each one of these businesses? I think not.

A bespoke website can be made to fit your processes, not the other way around.


The main selling point for these templates is the comparatively low costs they offer. However, as is often the case, you get what you pay for. When you invest in a new website, you are paying for a first impression, and we all want that first impression to be a positive one.

A website is an investment to your business, one that is online 24/7, how much is that worth to your business? A bespoke website might be cheaper than you think.

Decisions, decisions...

Templated websites are good for really only one thing, getting a cheap, quick, fast web presence, but at what cost? If the first impression is potentially damaging to your business or reputation, is it really worth it?

Custom websites are built for your needs, not the other way around. Something that we pride ourselves on.

Every website is as different as the client, and that's reflected in our work. Plus, getting a completely bespoke website might not be as expensive as you think! Why not contact us for a free quote!