MODX Expo 2013 Day One


13:05 GMT

everyone is now sitting down ready for the afternoon to begin - extending the modx user is the topic this afternoon!

12:25 GMT

A lovely atrium that we are all having lunch in.

11:58 GMT

We're now breaking for lunch - back in an hour or so!

11:57 GMT

A debate is going on at the moment with regards to media queries and load of images e.t.c One member of the audience has suggested checking device size server size. Its being discussed.

11:43 GMT

Responsive CSS, images - and now responsive Javascript...

11:42 GMT

We're talking currently about responsive design stratagies - and using compass with its less/sass mixins.

11:38 GMT

Sorry for the delay in our live blog - everything went a bit pete tong! We're back now and just saw the ecommerce panel talking about the state of it within MODX. The outcome was that a crowd funded addon would be a good approach.

10:01 GMT

Update contracts! "We will update your MODX every x months for £x".

09:52 GMT

I think the concensus here is that all of these are the kinda of mistakes that you only make the once!

09:47 GMT

Launching some big sites with noindex still on - opps!

09:45 GMT

Here we go some real howlers now (self admitted!)

  • Bad canonical
  • no index
  • launching an ip blocked site
  • wrong ua-code
  • forgetting 301 redirects
  • sitemap with everything
  • Lorem ipsum!

09:43 GMT

Talking now about making sure the client is aware of what versions of browsers the proposed solution will work on.

09:38 GMT

He's now promoting Mailchimp - glad about that, as we use it for GEL Studios clients too!

09:37 GMT

A great idea - when you do an upgrade - put it in a newsletter to your clients!

09:36 GMT

test emails - make sure they don't point to an actual domain - who'd of known was live?!

09:25 GMT

Contracts are everything! With your clients - and third parties!

09:23 GMT

Its great to be listening to comments and the thought process from an established agency. A real eye opener!

09:08 GMT

Going through some communication issues - "Ill fix it in five"!

09:07 GMT

There are alot of developers in the room, and normally, we have problems communicating to our clients. We are dev's after all!

09:03 GMT

Setting out some best practices for new clients. Make sure they know where to meet you, and suggestion prior that they do some research!

09:01 GMT

He's going to talk us through some things they've done wrong, so we don't have to!

We can expect

  • Lots of fails
  • Ideas to prevent
  • A laugh
  • and lots of interaction!

09:00 GMT

Guake Sietzema from Sterc is going to walk us through this one!

08:54 GMT

Large round of applause for Ryan as he finishes up his intro!

08:52 GMT

The grand plan of MODX

08:50 GMT

The plan is that the increase in usage - will drive the need for more quality extras.

08:48 GMT

New learning resource role, will aid people to get up and running first. Will include screen casts, tutorials e.t.c

08:47 GMT

Theme forest is in the top 200 sites. Says alot of the themers have been introduced to MODX, and they are falling in love with it. A great place to put left over designs that havn't planned out perhaps?

TF are going to pay people to make MODX content!

08:45 GMT

Biggest challenge has been awareness - often thought about how to raise it to new users. Pronunciation of the name has brought up some funny variations!

MODX is launching a themeforest theme store!

08:43 GMT

MODX says it participates with various companies to help them promote them selves as being associated with MODX.

Talking about the MODX Proffesional scheme.

08:42 GMT

There are 760 Million + websites in the world, and its only going to get bigger...

08:40 GMT

Demo over. Now onto the last bits. The MODX Ecosystem. Ryan hates the word...

08:38 GMT

Demonstrates searching for elements in the uberbar, of how quick it is. (Up for debate about searching for items inside of content).

You can map custom actions into that bar also (shortcodes for clearing cache, creation options e.t.c)

08:36 GMT

Everything is now streamlined.

Media - Apps (Might change)

Getting rid of lots of admin setup from main menus. Says that you could do this with Form Customisation, but will be alot easier if cut down by default.

New gravatar and UBERBAR!

08:35 GMT

2.3 Is now officially in BETA!

08:32 GMT

Time for a demo!

08:30 GMT

A screen shot of the new manager UI. Uses SASS. Can customise the manager now very easily.

08:30 GMT




08:28 GMT

They want to make people fall in love with MODX the first time they use it - not after they learn to use it.

08:26 GMT

The most important piece is to simplify the core software - Revo. Ryan says its confusing for new users. Shows us a picture of the Revo Dash.

Says the biggest part - is EXT JS. Admits is scares people... Says his recent experience of editing some manager parts was awkward. Says its an impediment to developers that want to contribute.

08:23 GMT

The future - Simplify. Not about simple code, its about simplifying the experience and infrastructure. Ryans saying that there are lots of different techs that they use, but they want to bring it all under one infrastructure. Forums are due there first major upgrade, increases of up to 10 times.

08:21 GMT

The final piece that they have figured out since last expo, is that they are no longer hiding in plain sight. Talking more and more about the CMS is the global light. Mentioned the CMS award for best CMS 2013. Enforces that the community can help massivly to the image of MODX. Not just coders. Anyone can help.

08:19 GMT

Says that after 9 years, they've finally sorted there business model. Enforces that things are going well.

08:18 GMT

Saying all about the team all over the world

08:17 GMT

Focus's on the community, what really sets MODX apart from others. Thanks all the people here for being a part of that. Kudos to the team. Saying how they live on ZOOM. (And coffee)

08:14 GMT

MODX What they stand for.

Ryan says the best thing they've done in the past year is working out what they stand for. Creating amazing experiences.

08:12 GMT

Ryans thanking all of the sponsors

08:12 GMT

Ryans started talking about the history of MODX. 9 years ago, Showing the first MODX website

08:07 GMT

All in and starting to sit down, We've seen Ryan with his cheat sheets ready to kick of the expo! Jay's just come into the room with a cup of coffee.

07:52 GMT

We're checked in!