MODX Expo 2013 Day Two


Yesterday was awesome, and, to be honest, we learnt - a lot. For one, that shared hosting just doesn't cut it.

After announcing we were going to do the live blog, the traffic crashed our site - epically. So, we migrated straight over to MODX Cloud - in fact, we did it whilst listing to talks, and mostly on an iPad with logmein. It was that simple. We had it done all in the space of one hour, we just needed to let the DNS TTL kick in.

So without further holds up - here is the live blog for MODX Expo Day 2.

17:38 GMT

And... It's all over :(

The expo is now over for another year. Thanks for all that viewed my live blog - creative freedom! Everything was done in MODX.

16:29 GMT

Alot of things here are really good cases of client usability. Its obvious this has been refined over quite a long period of time.

16:27 GMT

A really nice custom manager page.

16:27 GMT

16:22 GMT

at a glance extra!

  1. Client config custom installer,
  2. Cart config custom installer (ecommerce),
  3. Custom dashboard,
  4. Foundation integrated,
  5. Ecommerce,
  6. JS Plugins,
  7. PHP Libraries, Zend Dropbox, Youtube.
  8. MODX Tools

16:18 GMT

At a glance - some spec.

  1. 50MB and 7.1k Files (opposed to 4.7k),
  2. Custom installer (nice!),
  3. Core changes (file paths, thumb nailing & EXTjs),
  4. Package installer (25 Extras),
  5. Pre configured ACLs and resource groups,
  6. Pre configured media sources,
  7. Form customisation,
  8. Lexicon changes.

And, its all documented - excellent!

16:16 GMT


  1. Team consistency
  2. No repetitiveness
  3. Development Speed
  4. Efficient support through know structure

16:15 GMT

  1. Custom ditros are cost effective - main development work is done upfront
  2. Being as prepared as much as possible
  3. Aids collaborative development
  4. And, its Blazes way :)

16:13 GMT

He noticed that there were many similar requirements, so they decided to build something that capacitated for it all. They couldn't continue to use the base install.

16:12 GMT

16:11 GMT

A distro package will be avalible to download at the end of the presentation.

16:10 GMT

16:09 GMT

Custom Distros - and the 6 P's.

Important things to Blaze and the way they work.

16:09 GMT

Monitor fixed - no more fuzzy lines!

16:06 GMT

Next up is Steve King - talking about Distros for success - the 6 p's

We [the team at Blaze Concepts] have developed a custom distro of MODX Revolution that we roll out with every website build. This has been created in order to negate the need to complete repetitive tasks and thereby aid rapid prototyping, help the development team error check and to make the client CMS experience as palatable as possible. It has never been accurately measured but it probably saves us weeks of work on every project.

14:40 GMT

Marks going to liveblog this one - visit here!

14:39 GMT

14:37 GMT

Next up is Chris Cherrett - talking about continuous integration and deployment with modx.

Day 2 at 15:30 - Just over a year ago we (Adido) decided to adopt MODX as our primary CMS in favour of our in-house platform Dub3 - one that we'd been using for almost 10 years. As a full-service Digital Agency servicing over 300 clients both in the UK and Europe we faced a number of challenges, whilst also giving ourselves the opportunity to revisit our methods of Continuous Integration & Deployment. We've learned a number of lessons along the way working with MODX, from continuously building new features within teams of multiple developers to deploying to scalable server farms. Jenkins, RunDeck and Rackspace; if you're a fan of these then you'll have an insight into what we'll be exploring in this session, and what our guys at Adido are up to.

14:34 GMT

Thats it Marks Done! Great talk!

14:33 GMT

Showing us the mass upload, drag and drop ordering, and the snippets that are avalible.

14:31 GMT

Now for a moregallery demo!

14:30 GMT

Just seen a demo of AB Testing and its using, from simple string switching, to whole templates. Its what I just redeemed my modmore voucher on!

14:23 GMT

14:22 GMT

Q&A Over, time for an AB Demo.

14:21 GMT

Q. Do you plan to support fixed structures of content?

A. Does that go ahead with the choice of giving the client creative freedom? Very early, still alot of feedback to digest.

14:20 GMT

Mark can be found on twitter here.

14:19 GMT

I'd love your feedback

14:18 GMT

Q. Pricing?!

A. Very good question, not completely sure. Open to ideas. Similar things are around 60 euros, however a different market.

14:17 GMT

Q. Will there be a way to add chunks like a small drop down box?

A. Sure!

14:16 GMT

Q. When will it be done?!

A. As soon as possible! Looking to move to beta before christmas. Still alot of work to be done, this is a very early preview.

14:16 GMT

Q. Can the fields be access with something like getResources?

A. There will be snippets available to extract the information.

14:14 GMT

Q. It is possible to define rules? Order or elements? Rich text only if headline before e.t.c

A. Will have to see how complex it would be. Have been looking at limiting types based upon what resource it is assigned to. Needs to be figured out. Not sure how yet.

14:12 GMT

Q. What if the customer uses the interface and makes a long page and wants to change elements, create new pages e.t.c? Is it possible to take more than one element and carry it somewhere?

A. When you duplicate a resource, this would be also. If you want to reorder you will be able to in later versions. This is a very early version, just a teaser preview.

14:10 GMT

Q. Performance wise, how does it work, does it store everything in the resource? How fast to rebuild if put in the cache?

A. Processes when saved, cache auto hooks in. No extra parsing or caching needed.

14:09 GMT

Q. Would it be good to have that to access chunks for the template?

A. You define the template by field, so saves the need to create a chunk for it. Can if need be create a different one liner, and give it a class

14:07 GMT

Q. Every field searchable?

A . It puts the generated HTML when you save and puts it into the content. If the plugin searches via content, then yes.

14:07 GMT

Huge round of applause. now Q&A.

Q . Can you add your own types?

A : Not in this version, but in the future yes.

14:05 GMT

Alot of potential. Could give the client 100% control of the content without any ugly content going in!

14:05 GMT

A quick grab

14:03 GMT

Visual Content

Rich content - without the RTE...

14:03 GMT

And the newest extra is...

14:01 GMT


13:57 GMT

A good few months!

13:55 GMT

why pay for extras...

13:54 GMT

Challenges faced

  1. Audience not used to paying for extras
  2. Providing the correct level of support and docs
  3. Marketing
  4. Risk of pirated extras.

13:53 GMT

Showing us projected rapid growth

13:52 GMT

Now its modmore - Mark and JP. 3 paid packages, distributed via Provider with 7k euro revenue. Congrats!

13:51 GMT

Simple dream is the biggest, most likely due to there audience being much much larger, and have lots more packages. However, it is in Russain.

13:51 GMT

Going over the revenue and audience of other paid extra providers.

13:50 GMT

Was started in March 2012, only other paid extras were simple cart, and MDxThemes.

June 11th : Simple Dream

June 18th : modmore launch

13:48 GMT

The mod more timeline, from the start - to now....

13:47 GMT

What modmore is...

  1. Premium brand
  2. Open source supporter
  3. Developer Collective
  4. Only just getting started
  5. More that just extras
  6. Awesome

13:46 GMT

What modmore is not...

  1. Commercia lMarketplace
  2. Open to all
  3. Short term/quick bucks
  4. The only right answer
  5. Boring!

13:45 GMT

13:45 GMT

And he's off, this is about modmore, who else is involved in other initiatives.

I love modx

13:44 GMT

I wonder what his secret extra will be....

13:42 GMT

Next up Mark Hamstra - all about the business of premium

13:40 GMT

He spoke about a method to speed up thumbnail generation. Thanks Mike!

13:28 GMT

Briefly spoke about the future. An eccomerce platform from which you can sell/buy transport packages.

13:27 GMT

Exporting from the cloud is something they are going to focus on pretty quickly...

13:14 GMT

Everything is monitored, snapshots, installs, performance e.t.c into DataDog

13:10 GMT

Plans to make exporting from CLOUD to local - much, much simpler!

13:07 GMT

Syphion labs is no more... MODX Cloud is back with the core MODX company. Focused 100% on providing solutions for MODX

13:06 GMT

He's talking over all the best features about MODX Cloud. Snapshots, creating new modx installs. Everything has been made to make it as easy as possible.

13:05 GMT

Talking about this perceptions about MODX Cloud. Alot of people like it - but few are using it!

13:04 GMT

This is all about MODX Cloud with Mike Schell!

13:03 GMT

OK We're back from lunch!

12:06 GMT

George finishes up. Yet another great talk. All off to lunch now.

11:58 GMT

MODX Ambassadors

MODX Proffesionals

MODX Developers next maybe?

11:54 GMT

Starting to wrap this up - next steps

11:52 GMT

The ideas here are good, but the challenge is going to be how best to implement.

Developers are making things for MODX but not packaging because they do not have the mind set of re-using what they have made.

The key is how to take existing creations, and share the profit of re-selling that back to the original author, and to the project that it is used upon.

11:50 GMT

Everything by the seems of it, boils down to money.

Just have to pay the bills

11:35 GMT

Open room now for discussion on these subjects

11:31 GMT

Some great points raised about collaboration and co-operation with projects of all shapes and sizes.

11:23 GMT

11:19 GMT

Alot of ideas and views on how to make money/revenue from tools that already exisit.

11:17 GMT

High cost of development vs Low revenue return

11:16 GMT

Client based industry - Developer for a specific client

Very strict spec, often linked to proprietary back end software/algorithms, and almost always under NDA.

11:15 GMT

Next - operation based industry solutions.

Developed to simplify an operation, corporate admin, customer satisfaction form, news publishing, project management, just to name a few.

Its a single solution to a single common issue. Lots of similar developements avalible (as stand alones)

11:14 GMT

He says the biggest job/challenge is integrating with other peoples API's.

11:11 GMT

General Industry solutions, 90% of them are all the same, regardless of sector. (Georges whole presentation will be on the MODX site afterwards - with links to examples.)

11:10 GMT

A massive client list!

11:10 GMT

This is going to be a great talk for all that use MODX for business. George had his own in house CMS, and switched to MODX in 2008.

11:09 GMT

11:05 GMT

Just updated our Redactor to 1.3.2 which now has drag copying, thanks for that Mark! Will make uploading images even easier!

11:03 GMT

Up next is George Economides with MODX Based, Industry Solutions Common Exploitation Framework

Day 2 at 12:00 MODX is a fantastic platform to use as a framework on which to base industry solutions on. Usually the resources required to plan, develop, test, debug and fine tune an industry solution are substantial both in terms of money and time, but although such solutions may benefit entire industries all over the world, they are often used by a single organization. This session is all about establishing an exploitation framework which will enable developers to capitalize on their developments, or the allow for collaboration between developers working on a common platform.

10:43 GMT

Another great talk as Gauke leaves the floor.

10:43 GMT

10:42 GMT

Q&A now, seems to be loads about multi lingual sites...

10:33 GMT

Lots of different things that have been done - Just shows the creative freedom of MODX!

10:30 GMT

Asking for some examples of FC - we threw in the work we did for Chorus-Hr! Drag drop skeleton layouts. We liked that project :)

10:26 GMT

10:22 GMT

Find ability - how the page is indexed. On by default

  1. Follow links (no follow)
  2. Internal search include, external site don't index.
  3. Google sitemap - include or not, set priority, and frequency. A must for all sites new or old.
  4. 301 Redirect tab. Very usable, custom interface for it. If you change your URL, it will automatically be added - Nice feature!

10:21 GMT

Another extra, SEO Tab, whats it all about...?

Its an SEO tab on a resource which functions like Yoast for wordpress.

10:20 GMT

Yup, its a plugin! Can't wait to give that a go! One click install, Dutch and English are ready to go.

10:18 GMT

A really nice SEO focused layout - SEO Plus - I wonder if this is one of the extra? Hope so!

10:16 GMT

10:16 GMT

What was that custom dashboard plugin by Digital butters? If someone can tweet me it - thanks @gel_studios

10:13 GMT

Seeing some custom dashboards and resource page layouts

10:12 GMT

Image upload plugin filesluggy, removes all unwanted characters

Link here

10:11 GMT

A base MODX install is too much freedom for the client... We all agree. What can we do :

  1. Form customisation
  2. Access policies
  3. Manager plugins
  4. File restrictions
  5. Style alteration in the manager
  6. Naming conventions to suit you goals and workflow

10:09 GMT

Focus on 1-3 keyword(s) or key phrases per page

All content on that page should be relevant to that keyword/phrase, especially:
  1. Page title
  2. Page URL
  3. META Description
  4. Content h1 - h6 + paragraphs

10:08 GMT

Good quality content is the best approach.

10:07 GMT

Converting visitors into Clients = Conversion Optimisation.


  • Think over all content you put up on your site
  • Google changed, became more human-like
  • Find a good balance between SEO + CO

10:06 GMT

Starts with SEO...

10:04 GMT

A good workflow makes everything easier!

But before you make a website, you need to set goals. This is very important. Mention your company goals to your client also. Business strapline!

10:03 GMT

This will focus on the manager. And two new packages that will be released at the end of his talk!

09:55 GMT

Up next is "Power to the end user" - presented by Gauke Pieter Sietzema.

Taken from the MODXpo Schedule

We're creating awesome websites and applications using MODX, but being a developer usually brings one downside: we're bad at empathising with our end-users. This talk is about optimising MODX for your end-users. I'll be talking about must-have extra's, easy-to-implement form customisation, brilliant TV's, which you should always use, and of course, a healthy portion of SEO.

09:53 GMT

All of Anselm Hannemann's contact information can be found here.

A really great talk!

09:41 GMT

A huge round of applause - a great talk. Now looking at pure CSS dancing Bender from futurama.

View dancing bender

09:32 GMT

How to help, sorry about the contrast, we've got alot of light coming in through the huge windows!

09:31 GMT

Such a shame, its not currently implemented :( We need this feature, ask for it!

09:28 GMT

Talking now about resource loading prioritys, an examples is not requiring certain js libs on page load.

09:28 GMT

How to contribute

09:23 GMT

09:21 GMT

1mb on a smartphone, 72% could be saved with the same quality on a smartphone - introducing srcset

<img src="image" srcset="normal-image.jpg 1x, highres-image.jpg 2x">

09:20 GMT

Onto the IMG tag now - responsive images... Average webpage size is 1.6mb. Not much, but on a mobile, its a lot. 65% of that is images. So its a big deal!

09:17 GMT

Apple invented the touch events - when Microsoft came into the touch market, they made there own, and now MS and firefox are introducing pointer events.

09:16 GMT

Browser compat now, as per normal, a great function, but its not 100% cross compliant.

09:14 GMT

A new property called object-fit

09:13 GMT

Responsive iframes!

09:12 GMT

Some examples now, starting with do we care about the aspect ratio? Yes we do! Taboo words such as iframe are being mentioned now.

09:09 GMT

More awesomeness from the WEB - CSS Selectors Level 4!

09:09 GMT

Talking now about Prollyfill - a whole lot of Polly going on now!

09:08 GMT

He's showing us some amazing things that are avalible in CSS. The mona lisa, made compeltely out of drop shadows!

09:01 GMT

First talk of the day is by Anselm Hannemann on responsive web design.

08:56 GMT

We're now living blogging - everything is about to get underway for day two of the 2013 MODXpo