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GEL Studios

9 Jan 2014


Promotions are an easy way to entice users to give you their contact information. If you run your promotions properly - by giving away relevant prizes that would be of interest to your buyer persona, you will capture a huge amount of targeted leads.

GEL Studios is pleased to be able to offer a targeted Facebook campaign solution which will Generate new leads, Increase social media presence and, Create relevant and genuine user interaction with you and your business.

We can provide your business with :

  1. A promotion hosted on your website, with required details populated by the visitors Facebook information or a questionnaire,
  2. Show or hide the promotion based upon the visitors current 'Like' status of a page that you specify (i.e has this visitor liked your Facebook business page or not),
  3. Handle logging in of the user if they are not currently logged into Facebook,
  4. Handle situations where the visitor has already entered your promotion,
  5. Full export of all captured data during or at the end of the promotion (in .CSV or .SQL format).

Below is an example of how a targeting campaign could help your business!

Lucy owns a restaurant, she wants to increase her covers on Tuesday evening's. She decides to offer a 2 for 1 on Tuesday evening's, for those that enter her web promotion.

Visitors visit Lucy's website, and whilst on her website, like her Facebook page, and enter a few details, Name, Address, Email, and date of birth.

Upon the visitor entering all of this information, they are sent an email with information about how to redeem there 2 for 1 offer.

Lucy now has lots of information about this visitor :

  1. They have entered because they want to redeem the 2 for 1 offer, this is called a genuine interaction.
  2. Lucy has the visitors name, email, and date of birth. She could use this to email a few days before the visitors birthday - maybe the Visitor would like a family meal at Lucy's restaurant for there birthday? This is returned business.
  3. The visitor is now socially connected to Lucy's business. After a meal, they might review, recommend, or maybe leave a rating based upon there experience. This is beneficial to your businesses reputation.

For more information about how this could be adopted to best suit your promotional requirements, get in touch today.