I am a small business - do I really need a website?
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

13 Mar 2014


Having a small business you may think that a website is not for you and that because of the small client base the cost and upkeep of a website may not be worth the hassle. The thing is with life nowadays is that many people are online.

In 2013 36 million adults (73%) of the UK population logged on to the internet every day and using a mobile phone to access the internet more than doubled between 2010 and 2013 from 23% to 53%, More and more the consumer looks to the Internet to provide information on the products and services they want and need, what this means for your business is that while someone is walking along the street and they see your business they can get on the internet and see your site within a matter of minutes, this can be the first impression they can of your business and what you are all about and in the world of business first impressions count.

However, as a recent study has shown, while 66% of consumers search the Internet for local small business information, only 44% of small businesses have a web site. The end result is that the small local business without a website is virtually invisible to these local consumers.

It's possible to create a Web presence without a full site thanks to things like Yell.com and other social media outlets. However, you't control any of those. You have no say on how they'll let you connect with customers. You can't create an email list on Twitter. By relying on other sites to house your conversations you're severely handicapping yourself.

A website is your best tool that you have to promote your business so it is paramount that it looks professional and as a small business this is the first step to growing and expanding. In fact, a well-designed website can fool customers into thinking your business is larger than it is and could even level the playing-field between your business and its more established competitors, that also means that if you are a local based business having a web presence will open you up to new markets further afield even giving people across the world to browse your products and services.

With this new tool targeting people further afield, a web shop would also be a good idea for the people that may not be able to make it to your business. Having this in place means more revenue for you, and with good service and an easy to use website word of mouth will soon spread and more customers are sure to follow.

So all in all a website can help expand and establish your business as a fore runner in your business sector.