2 Key Questions to Ask Your Web Designer
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

6 Mar 2015


These two key questions can make the difference between the ideal web designer-client fit and a poorly conceived website which fails to work for its owner. Can your web designer answer yes to both of them?

1. Do You Understand My Clients?

It's essential that your web designer understands your typical client profile. They need to know what your clients or customers will be visiting your site for - are they just looking for information, such as the dates or times of events? Are they likely to be checking up on your background and qualifications? Will they want to interact with you in some way? Will they be looking to purchase there and then? How web savvy is your typical customer? Will they enjoy a fully featured website, or are they more likely to be put off by anything over and above the basics?

2. Do You Understand Me?

Having a site which works well for your customers or clients is essential. Equally important, however, is a site which works well for you. If you are a small business, you're more than likely going to be the one who has to keep the site up to date. There's no point delivering a shiny, bells and whistles website which the business owner daren't touch and cannot update. Make sure your designer knows how much time you'll be devoting to the site, and what you're comfortable with, tech-wise, so that a backend solution can be found which matches your needs and your expertise.

If your web designer can confidently answer "Yes!" to both of these questions, you're probably a good fit. If they can't - consider whether your needs might be better met elsewhere.