Getting Paid: eCommerce in 2015
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

6 Apr 2015


Clifford Stoll may be able to laugh it off now, but his 1995 Newsweek article, predicting that what he quaintly called "cyberbusiness" would never take off, has been a highly amusing re-read since its 20th anniversary recently. The idea of buying books over the internet seemed, to Stoll, risible. How would anyone ever come up with a secure way to pay for stuff online anyway?

UK Online Sales Predictions

It's easy to chuckle, but of course, in 1995, almost none of what we can do today seemed remotely possible. You could argue that anything to do with computing tends to grow exponentially, and that it was doing so even in the Dark Ages of the internet, and that the fact that Stoll took 15 minutes to find the date of the Battle Of Trafalgar online is indicative of operator error... but let's try and be generous about it, and just thank him for the laughs. The fact is that the predictions for total online sales revenues for this year exceed £50 billion in the UK alone. Behind that figure is one huge factor; trust.

Trust, Change, and Strategy

The acceptance of, and trust in, online payment has grown very quickly, and it's absolutely essential for businesses to maintain that trust. As part of a professional web design service, deciding which eCommerce platform to use, and how to implement it, is one of the cornerstones of success. As with everything else in the digital realm, development is quick, and site designers and owners need to be on top of changes. Clifford Stoll would be the first to admit that predicting the future is hard - but having an effective strategy, and experienced advisers, will certainly help.