Going Mobile
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

19 Apr 2015


It's more important than ever for website owners to ensure that their sites work well across a variety of platforms. The chances that people are accessing sites from a phone increase all the time. On top of that, Google rankings will be increasingly affected by how mobile friendly your site is in 2015. Here's a look at some sites that have dealt with the challenge of mobile accessibility well.


Delivering information with a minimum of distraction is the key to a successful mobile site. While Wikipedia is a little too complex in its desktop form to be used effectively on a smartphone, the mobile version has been very well thought out. Extra paragraphs of information remain hidden until you click on them, conserving both screen space and bandwidth.


News sites have to be easy to navigate and well designed to keep visitors coming back. The Guardian has a cleanly laid out mobile site in which the stories are presented vertically, allowing mobile users to scroll down quickly to the report they want to read (as opposed to across). Note that it's designed with the fact that most visitors will access the site in portrait mode in mind.

The Future

Right now, it need not cost a fortune to design a site that works across a variety of platforms; responsive website design allows the creation of sites that adapt to the device the viewer is using. A professional web design firm can ensure that these issues don't become problems for your site.