The Death Of Google+
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

4 May 2015


Social media, though it might seem impossible to remember what life was like without it, is still quite a young phenomenon. Facebook didn't go global until 2005; Twitter launched the following year. Google+, another platform used by both businesses and individuals, was perhaps the mayfly of social media. It was born, achieved (according to Google) well over 500 million users, and is about to die, at least in its current form - all in under four years.

Google+ vs Facebook

For industry onlookers, the impending demise (or at least, radical reorganisation) of Google+ has not come as a massive surprise. Trying to compete with Facebook, despite some talk recently that that site was also in trouble, was always going to be a huge challenge. Despite extremely rapid initial growth - far more rapid than the early expansion of both Twitter and Facebook - the New York Times claimed in early 2014 that Google's figures for active users were wildly overestimated. It seemed that Facebook was leaving it in the dust.

Strategic Lessons

Exactly how Google+ will be reorganised remains to be seen, though it's thought it will be split into separate services. For businesses, there's a clear lesson to be learned, whether they've been using Google+ or not; social media strategy should be neither a scattershot attempt to have a presence everywhere, nor a single-pronged attack using any one platform.

Staying Connected

The landscape is constantly changing. Facebook rules, for example, have altered recently, and are likely to have a dramatic effect on the way some businesses are able to connect with customers. A good web design company must be able to discuss your social media strategy with you - and help you to keep on top of developments.