Web Design: Essentials for Small Businesses
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

18 May 2015


Setting up a small business - in any industry - was a daunting enough task in the days before absolutely everyone was online. Now, especially for business owners who may not be entirely at home in the digital world, it can seem impossible to know where to start. There are, however, some basic ideas to keep in mind when creating a new website for a small business.


A few years ago, compatibility was not such a stumbling block as it can be today. People accessed the internet on desktop computers, almost always either Windows or Mac (and more often than not, the former). Now, however, a website has to work, and look right, on different-sized screens, for smartphones, laptops and tablets, as well as in both landscape and portrait formats. And that's not the end of it. There are video formats to consider, readability issues and many more. A professional web design company will be on top of all these potential problems, allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff - your product and your customers.

Turning Visitors Into Customers

There are two sets of people to consider when setting up a small business website; customers, and potential customers. Clearly, the aim is to turn every visitor into a potential customer, and every potential customer into an actual customer. In order to accomplish the first part, the site must explain clearly, engagingly, and, most of all quickly, what it is you do. Secondly, the path to buying the product or service must be easy, uncluttered, secure and - again - fast.

These are issues that an experienced web design company deals with every day; they're business essentials in today's world, but they don't have to be problems.