Can your business benefit from YouTube analytics?
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

20 Jul 2015


Many business owners are still just putting written testimonials on their site, however the power of a video testimonial should not be underestimated. YouTube is a great source of traffic for businesses of all types. With high quality video apps readily available on smartphones, valuable footage can be produced and published straight away onto YouTube.

What can YouTube bring to your business?

YouTube provides a platform for a variety of users such as local builders, who can showcase their latest job, tree surgeons can demonstrate a large tree being felled, and restaurants could show their daily specials. There are hundreds of ways a business can be represent itself via this marketing outlet.

What benefits does YouTube analytics provide?

  • It provides insight into your audience and can help you understand what it is that interests your users. Knowing your audience will help you to create content and marketing messages that are ideally suited to those people watching your videos.
  • The demographic information given will provide you with the location and age group of your audience.
  • This data will help you to understand your website traffic.
  • Help improve lead generation and make more sales.
  • An important metric to look for with video is the Retention Rate. This provides the average watch time for each video and will tell you if the user has left before the end of your post.

There is a lot to be said for the benefits that can come from using analytics. The information can help you make money, improve your bottom line and provide your customers with a higher standard of service.