Killer Content Must be Original
GEL Studios

GEL Studios

24 Jul 2015


Content writers have to research their copy more like journalists than ever before. They’ll also have to bear in mind SEO principles and native advertising links as well as the ability to share their material through all social media platforms.

Well Constructed Prose

A recent article in the Search Engine Journal talked about the growing importance of sharing content. The journal also used the word ‘ideation’, which is a crime against the English language, but that’s another matter. If you want your content to be shared, good titles and subheadings are essential as well as great information.

Most importantly the article focused on the growing importance of original research in order to produce more compelling copy. Google changes its search engine algorithms with monotonous regularity, and over the last few years these changes have demanded more interesting and greater originality in content. Credibility is gaining momentum.

Good Writers Will Always Carry out Research

You can’t produce fantastic copy without being sure of the facts. If you produce statistics, they have to be backed up. Original newspaper feature writers always used to back up their copy with at least two sources. This practice is imperative for producing web content, because so much information on the internet is misleading or just wrong. A well researched article with several interesting facts will always command greater attention than yet another ’10 reasons why vegetables are good for you’ type of piece.

Well-written and researched articles certainly aren’t boring, and they are more likely to be shared among others.