The Power of Good Design


The recent election brought the spotlight on designing political posters to the fore. The London based newspaper Metro even ran a competition for art students to generate some innovative designs for the political parties. Good design is also important on your website.

Go Back to Basics

When commissioning a design company to promote your brand and website, think in simple terms and don’t try to put absolutely every single piece of information about your company on your ‘Home’ page. Remember facts that you may find absolutely fascinating might bore your potential audience to tears.

Strong striking images, with limited prose are far more arresting and memorable than reams of densely written copy. If you think of the five most important facts that you want to transmit and then disperse other information about your company and its products on to your other company web pages you won’t have annoyed your web visitor, and you may well have intrigued them.

Take a Look at Russia

The Russian constructivists knew a thing or two about the importance of design in promoting a message. Their influence still prevails in art colleges throughout the world. Graphic designer, Neville Brody famously used their style when he designed the magazine ‘Arena’ in the 80s, and you only have to take a look at many current advertisements and some websites to see their prevailing influence.

Keep your web design simple, make sure your content is crisp and most importantly of all keep your customer engaged. If you follow these simple tips your website will command attention.

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