The importance of web design on SEO and your brand


Web design is not just about the initial impact of a stunning first page. Aesthetics should always be on the top of the list, however when finding the right web designer for your brand, getting your customers there and compelling them to stay is equally as important.

SEO and traffic, branding and conversion rates are all important factors in the design element of a website. They all affect the overall presence that your brand will have on the internet. There are several simple DO’s and DON’T’s that should be considered when looking at the significance of a design strategy.


  • Don’t choose a busy or complex layout to your site, lots of flashing images and videos that automatically play the moment you click on a site can be extremely off putting.
  • Don’t have too many, if any pop up advertisements.
  • Don’t have small print that’s too hard to read, it can cause distrust in a site if you cannot understand terms and conditions.
  • Don’t choose a design that is too boring or lacks colour, although simplicity and ease of use is important, blandness is dull.
  • Avoid slow introductions and lead times. Many visitors will drop off if they can’t instantly see what your site is about.


  • Be informative, relevant, fresh and clear about the message of your brand on your site.
  • Make sure your sentences have punch and power.
  • Good quality design and good content go hand in hand. A quality layout will enthral your customers initially whilst relevant content will keep them there.
  • Colour matters, research into colour perception has been an ongoing study for years. For example red indicates a call to action and is perfect for promoting a sale. Whilst navy blue tends to engender feelings of trust.
  • Make your site easy to navigate, if it’s hard to find what you are looking for then visitors will fall of quickly.