Why having a bigger logo isn't the answer to your website problems.

24 July 2020
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Written by:
Carly Smith.

It's probably the number one question I get asked during the design phase of a website project.

Can the logo be bigger?

And technically, yes, of course it can. But - does it really need to be?

Why clients would like the logo to be bigger...

When a client asks to make the logo bigger in their website header, I normally start by asking them "why?". Not to be defensive, but because I'm genuinely curious about the thought process behind the request. Some popular responses I've received along the way:

All valid responses in theory.

Why the logo doesn't actually need to be bigger...

Whilst we understand that a business would like their brand to be front of mind, a bigger logo isn't always the answer. Sure, the logo needs to be clear and readable so that it's noticeable when the user first lands. But a larger logo is highly unlikely to improve user experience or conversions. It will take up more valuable space and start to compete with key elements on the page - which in turn, can actually put the user off.

Ask yourself this - how many times have you gone to a website and thought "That logo is too small - I'm leaving". If you can clearly read the text element of the logo, then it's big enough.

Important website things you SHOULD be focussing on.

Instead of worrying about a larger logo, ensure you have the below handled. They are basics, but are pain points for many websites. Get them right, and they will far outshine a larger logo....

Good website design.

It sounds obvious, but good web design will set you on the right tracks for a lot of things. As for what 'good website design' encompasses? Many things. Sure, the visuals and aesthetics are very important in setting the right impression. But more important than that, is the structure and flow of the website. How are your pages and content presented? Is it easy for users to get somewhere without too many clicks? Your website should go through a wireframing process at the start to help determine all of this.

A good header, with clear navigation structure.

When users pay attention to your header, unfortunately it's not to admire your logo (no matter how much we'd all like it to be!). It's because they want to get somewhere. The easier this is - the more likely they are to stay on your website and convert. Make sure your header and navigation are clear, structured and free of any clutter.

Good content.

When a user lands on your site, the thing they will relate to the most - is your content. No matter how good the web design is, it's your content that will demonstrate in the most detail who you are and what you do. When a user decides if they want to do business with you, your content and how you come across, will play a bigger part than your logo. Ensure your website content is of good quality, taking the user on a journey to the conversion point. Read our guide on getting website content right.

Call to actions.

You may have the best website content in the world - but if the user reaches the end of it and there's nothing for them to do - what happens then? A call to action is something that prompts the user to do something. Now that could be a contact form, phone number or a download. Your call to actions should be geared around making things super easy for the user, whilst also helping achieve your website goals. Make sure these call to actions are clear and prominent throughout your site. Your user should never be left wondering what's expected of them, or have to click too many times to find out.


In the grand scheme of things, your logo plays a very, very small part in your website performance and the impression it sets to users. In no way am I saying that a logo isn't important though. We're a creative agency and as well as web design, also offer branding and logo design services - so we understand more than anyone about the importance of brand identity. As someone once said, a logo is the smile of your brand (nice, eh?). There are just more appropriate times when it should be made into more of a feature.

Written by:
Carly Smith.

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