GEL Studios is now B Corp Certified.

9 March 2023
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GEL Studios

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GEL Studios.

GEL Studios celebrates B Corp status

GEL Studios is now a Certified B Corporation following a robust assessment period that examined all aspects of how the full-service creative agency operates.

The 18-month assessment period looked at a number of GEL Studios’ practises, including its team's welfare and career development, transparency of the company's mission and how its day-to-day practices impact our environment. Also taken into consideration was the quality of the services it provides to its customers and how the work it does makes a difference to the local and wider community.

As a B Corp, GEL Studios is now part of a global community of businesses that meet high social and environmental impact standards. It has made a legal commitment to stakeholder governance and is demonstrating accountability.

GEL Studios is an established creative agency based in South Marston. Each bespoke website that it develops, brand identity it designs or marketing campaign that it manages, the team at GEL Studios truly believe in it - and the difference it makes. 

Whether it’s helping to heat the local community centre, raise funds to support those affected by the war in Ukraine or support domestic violence charities that's what sets GEL Studios apart from the rest. 

Graeme Leighfield, Managing Director of GEL Studios said: 

"I'm extremely pleased to announce that GEL Studios is now a Certified B Corporation. The process has been a long one with much knowledge gained.

"Making a difference has always been at the forefront of everything that we do. The B Corp process has shown me just how much positive change businesses of all sizes can make when they do things that are aligned with a bigger, more meaningful purpose.

"Over the coming months, GEL Studios will be at the forefront of facilitating events that bring together business leaders and those with insights for round-table discussions that cover topics such as sustainability, environmental impact, and employee welfare".

You can find out more about our B Corp journey here

GEL Studios

Written by:
GEL Studios.

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