Why every creative studio should have dogs in the office.

13 September 2021
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Written by:
Elisha Gorton.

Only 8% of employees in the UK are allowed to bring their pet into work. We definitely think this should change!

The good news is that having dogs in the office could be on the rise following the recent lockdowns. Dog owners have realised that having access to their four-legged friend throughout the day is hugely beneficial for us humans and the pets too. Employers are also taking notice of this too.

As you can see, our four-legged friends are definitely no stranger to the studio.

Whether they are sat behaving nice and quietly by our feet or running riot across the carpet keeping us all entertained, there's nothing quite like taking a break from the screen to play with a pooch.

Having dogs in the office is great for all-round morale of the team including employee mental health and wellbeing, and the work environment itself.

Employee mental health, wellbeing & happiness:


Work Environment:

Meet our office dogs (aka Creative Dogrectors).

Elisha's dog Milo is a Jug, a cross between a Pug and a Jack Russell, as you can tell definitely more Pug than anything else. He loves nothing more than making sure he's the centre of attention and getting all the love and cuddles from everyone he meets. That or he's running around like a maniac and thinks everything's a toy.

Lewis' dog Slinky is a standard short haired, black and tan dachshund, or sausage dog as they're more commonly known. Slinky loves nothing more than curling up in a pile of blankets on the sofa.

If all of those listed above isn't reason enough to keep asking your boss to allow dogs in the office then we don't know what is. We aren't encouraging you to try and sneak your doggo's into the office but if you happen to have a furry plus one with you, we'd love to see some photos of them enjoying the studio/office life.

Written by:
Elisha Gorton.

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