Insider entrepreneurial growth roundtable 2019.

29 March 2019
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Written by:
Graeme Leighfield.

Insider's roundtable brought together some of the standout new names on Insider's 42 Under 42 list to welcome them to the group and to hear the challenges and opportunities they have faced around their growth so far.

Our managing director, Graeme Leighfield had this to say.

"We're a full service creative agency based in Swindon, with a focus around everything being bespoke - so we end up with a business solution that is truly unique and focused for our clients. Everyone thinks about start-up investment, but who's going to put money into a creative agency when it's started by just one person? Especially when it's somebody who hasn't been to university, hasn't even got A levels, and literally just thought one day on a mad whim that they can do it better than somebody else.

So I knew from the beginning that it was all going to be about the long game. I'm really impatient generally, but I knew this was going to be the sole source of income for my family, so I had to build something that would be reliable. It was all for me down to collaboration. I knew I had to partner with other freelancers to build long-standing relationships and that was pivotal to our growth, but also our reputation. It's our people that make us stand out from lots of other similar businesses in the industry. It was just me for two years.

Now, in year five, we've got a team of eight, and we're taking on somebody else next month. The business is 100 per cent self-funded - it started with me in my bedroom with a laptop and we've grown it organically from there."

Written by:
Graeme Leighfield.

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