One Month into my time as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

24 August 2023
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Written by:
Ben Loftus.

About me.

Hi, I'm Ben. I'm 23 and after a little while of searching, I've landed a job as a Digital Marketing Assistant, here at GEL Studios. I couldn't be happier. Having just completed my first month as a Digital Marketing Assistant, it's time to write my first blog on my experience in the role so far.

Since a young age, I've always had a rough plan of how my life would go. I'd always said that I wanted to go to sixth form after school, take a year out to go travelling in Australia then start University and to be fair to my younger self, I managed to do it.

Which brings me to now. Having finished University in 2022 completing my degree in Business and Marketing Management, I found myself out in the big wide world without a plan (younger me didn't plan that far ahead).

I have worked numerous roles since the age of 14, from washing dishes to putting up marquees and many in between. Despite all these past roles, I had never worked in an office environment. So starting at GEL was completely alien to me and took some time to get used to.

What led me to marketing?

For most of my life, I had never really thought much about what I wanted to do as a career. However, I've always had an interest in business and how they operate. It was then in sixth form that my interest in business grew.

Though I had the idea of going on to study Events Management, due to having worked in the marquee industry for a few years at the time and attending numerous festivals and events. I loved the idea of organising these huge events and understanding what it takes to make those events a success.

However, I had a change of heart and decided to study Business but I didn't want to just study Business on its own and potentially explore more of the business world. This led me to Business and Marketing Management. It was then at University that my interest in Marketing grew and I started seeing it as my future career.

What I enjoy most.

The thing I enjoy the most in this role so far is the variety; with every day truly being unique. Always having to adapt to different clients and their goals adds to the variety. Whether that's planning and creating social media campaigns one day, to going on a photo shoot the next.

I enjoy my role because I can bring in new ideas and receive assistance whenever needed. There are always people available to support me, no matter the problem.

What's GEL Studios like as a workplace?

One of the things that struck me the most about GEL is how great the work culture is. Everyone here has a genuine interest in you and supports you in how you want to develop. From the start, it is all about how you want to grow and progress in the company and in your career. I couldn't have asked for a better working environment, especially as someone who is new to working in the Marketing industry, let alone in a Creative Agency.

What's the most challenging part of the job?

The most challenging part of the job so far has definitely been the unknown. With this role being my first job in Marketing and my first experience in an agency environment, it's taken me some time to get used to it. However, it's the challenge which also makes the job appealing as it is constantly pushing me to learn new skills, helping me develop in my career.

Writing this blog has also been surprisingly difficult considering the topic is myself and my personal experience.

What skills do you need to be successful in Marketing?

Time management and the ability to adapt are crucial skills to have in this role and for Marketing in general. Managing your time is key when handling multiple projects simultaneously, to ensure all deadlines are met on time. You must be adaptable because each client is different, so you must adjust your marketing plan and approach depending on the client or type of business. Working here at GEL has really helped me develop these skills with my day-to-day tasks varying so much, it's important to have these skills.

What are you most looking forward to whilst being at GEL?

Definitely, the opportunity to learn from everyone here and build upon what I learned at university. Also being able to see the impact my work has on the various companies and how it helps them grow.

I'm excited to see what the future holds and how I grow within GEL both professionally and personally.

Written by:
Ben Loftus.

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