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18 Jun 2019


A phone call a few months back, started a chain of events which has led to us now becoming Mailchimp Global partners.

"We love what you guys are doing with Mailchimp - have you heard of our Partner program? Pop along to BrightonSEO on us, and we can have a chat."

We proudly attended the event as guests of Mailchimp, learnt about the partner program, and also had a great day learning lots about modern SEO at the event! Now, two months on, our partner page is live upon the official Mailchimp partners page.

At GEL Studios, we use Mailchimp to the max, from simple email marketing activities, to full blown email automation, API integrations, and campaign analysis and reporting - all completely bespoke of course!

For us to be recognized as official partners, adds another string to our skilled bow. Couple the power, and expertise we can offer to clients with Mailchimp, along side our award winning web design and development - makes for a truly special marketing solution that gives your business real results.

Interested in how we can help your business with Mailchimp or email marketing solutions? Or want to ease your current marketing workflow? Then we're here to help!

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