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2 March 2021
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Written by:
Carly Smith.

Virtually everywhere you look, there is an element of graphic design. It can be printed, or digital. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's obvious. Graphic design is the use of visual content to communicate something, so when it comes to promoting your business, good graphic design is key.

What is 'good' graphic design?

When graphic design is done right for your business - the outcome should be:

  1. Something that effectively communicates your message,
  2. whilst truly representing your business,
  3. evoking emotion and setting the right first impression to your target audience.

Regardless of the touchpoint someone has with your brand - they should be invited by it, relate to it and remember it afterwards.

So what makes graphic design good and how do you achieve the above 3 outcomes?

It has a purpose.

The main purpose is to communicate. But communicate what? This should be agreed at the very start, before any visuals are even considered. Knowing what you want to communicate will give your design direction and save people from looking at it and thinking "What's the point in that?". It could be something as large as an advertising campaign or promotion, or as subtle as branded stationery. Whichever end of the spectrum - it should have a purpose.

It's branded.

It should follow your branding. This will build consistency and familiarity with your audience. The branding may not always follow the same visual guidelines (i.e. you may have a campaign with it's own branding, which is different from your business branding), but as a minimum, it should include a consistent logo approach. Branding is more than just visuals though - it's everything to do with your business, including things like tone of voice. Have a read of Branding: why consistency is key.

It's relatable.

Knowing the purpose will help ensure the message of your design is clear and relatable. Your audience should look at it and get it. They should feel the right emotion - whether that's happy, excited or simply feeling at ease, because they're dealing with a professional business. If the right person relates to what you're communicating, they're more likely to engage with you as a business.

Case study: Global Action.

We recently worked with Global Action - a provider of educational school trips. They approached us needing a new brochure to showcase who they are and what they do. They already had a website but found they were lacking behind their competition when it came to their printed marketing materials. We worked with them from start to finish, from scoping to printing. We had to strike a balance with content and design, given the very mixed target audience of students, parents and teachers - all of whom would require something different from the brochure. The outcome was an engaging, modern brochure design, consistent with their latest branding and website.

Set yourself apart.

When your branding is professional and consistent across all mediums, you start to raise brand awareness and familiarity. It goes without saying that the actual "design" aspect needs to be professional and meet core design principles around hierarchy, proximity, colour and space etc, but if your graphic design meets the above outcomes - then you're off to a very good start and you really will start to set your self apart from the competition. Because people will notice. They'll notice how impactful the visuals are. They'll notice how they feel when they're looking at it. And they'll remember this too - which will likely lead to them engaging with you.

And this applies to all aspects of graphic design. Whether you're designing brochures and social media graphics, or clothing and signage - everything has a purpose.

Do you need good graphic design?

Everyone needs good graphic design, right? Lucky for you, that's where GEL Studios can step in and help! We have an expert team, ready to put their hands to anything. Head over and find out more on our graphic design service and how we can help. Have any questions? Get in touch.

Written by:
Carly Smith.

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