Coming to the rescue of HeatherDaniel.

16 September 2021
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What would you do if your website was hacked?

When international recruitment agency, HeatherDaniel contacted us, they had a big problem. The company was rapidly expanding around the globe but their existing Wordpress website had been hacked and they had no way to access the site.

HeatherDaniel had originally approached another agency for help but their their solution of another template Wordpress site didn't work for the global recruitment agency. Knowing everything we create is 100% bespoke, HeatherDaniel then approached GEL Studios and that's when the magic happened.

The brief.

To create a completely bespoke and secure website that had the capability to grow with HeatherDaniel's ever-expanding business.

The solution.

Within hours of them contacting us, we had transferred their existing domain and pointed it to a temporary landing page that we had built. This meant that their customers were still able to leave their contact details while the new website was built.

HeatherDaniel already had a documented sitemap so we moved through the planning stage pretty quickly. Taking inspiration from the shapes used in the logo and the teal brand colours, Elisha and Carly began to design the appearance of the website. The logo shape also worked as an accent, allowing for key pieces of content to stand out over the rest. Once the design had been finalised, our development team began to bring the website to life.

One of the big considerations that we needed to take into account was the need for the content on the website to be tailored depending on the IP address. A multi-context setup is easily achievable in MODX, meaning those visiting the site in the UK would see different content to the those in the USA.

We also needed to make the website easy for potential job applicants to apply for advertised roles. We built a bespoke CV upload section that allowed candidates to upload and submit their CV directly to the HeatherDaniel admin team.

A styled, interactive map was also created to highlight the various offices around the world. When a user hovers over the markers, contact details for each office appears.

Once the website had been built, it went through a very thorough final checking stage before being handed over to the client for content entry and making the website live.

Now that the website is up and running, HeatherDaniel have access to a number of training videos and 30 days of website support too.

If after reading this you're still thinking about building a website on Wordpress, before signing up for an account, take 5 minutes to read through Graeme's blog post where he explains why we use MODX for all our sites. You can also head over to our web design page to see more examples of the projects we've worked on.

Remember, we don't do templates and we don't do Wordpress. Everything we create is 100% bespoke.

GEL Studios

Written by:
GEL Studios.

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