Providing marketing and design support to Swindon Paint Fest.

22 September 2023
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GEL Studios

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GEL Studios.

Off the back of another successful year, we are proud to have played a crucial role in the delivery and promotion of Swindon Paint Fest.

Swindon Paint Fest is a colourful local festival that transforms areas of Swindon, bringing new life and footfall to the town centre.

Founded in 2022 by Artsite Ltd, Swindon Paint Fest has put Swindon back on the street art map. With a history of street art, Swindon used to be the murals capital of the UK, boasting over 40 murals back in the 1980s. Swindon Paint Fest took place on the 2nd - 3rd of September with over 50 artists descending upon Swindon, some of which came from as far as the US and Spain. With the festival having ended, the artwork can be seen all around Swindon with two of the headline artists both painting on Fleming Way. 

Being a creative agency based in South Marston we were brought in to help create as much buzz about the festival as possible and make sure the event was a success.

As part of our support, we created a marketing and PR plan which outlined how the six-month-long campaign should be delivered in the run-up to the festival, as well as giving Swindon Paint Fest advice on what to post on their social media channels. We also helped to define the sponsorship packages offered to businesses. 


Here are a few examples of the press release coverage that we achieved from a number of local media outlets.

Alongside the regular issuing of press releases, we were also tasked with the creation of the festival programme and map. The map included key information about the weekend, the artists and key areas around the town where the festival was taking place.

Graeme Leighfield, Founder of GEL Studios said:

‘Swindon has been GEL Studios' home for over 10 years and we're committed to playing an active role in Swindon's growth wherever possible.

‘Here at GEL Studios we’re all about giving back to our community, so when Swindon Paint Fest approached us about providing marketing support for the event we were more than happy to help. Swindon Paint Fest is a great cause and makes a real difference in bringing new life to Swindon'.

GEL Studios

Written by:
GEL Studios.

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