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26 January 2022
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Written by:
Elisha Gorton.

At GEL Studios we're excited to launch a brand new Illustration service that works alongside our current creative offering. Illustrations are the perfect way to capture the audiences eye and show them something they have never seen before. Using beautifully crafted imagery that is exclusive to your business can help you to tell your brands story, and market your products and services. Your story is unique so why not show it to the world that way?

What is illustration?

An illustration is a visual interpretation of an idea, a piece of text or a process. Typically an illustrator will create the illustrations which you can then use as an extension of your brand identity. These complimentary assets can be used in a number of ways. An illustration should explain and simplify a situation all while retaining its recognisability, therefore enhancing the customer experience with your business. Illustrations are completely unique to you and your business.

Ways illustration can enhance your business:

Infographic illustration:
The average person absorbs 20-30% of text on a page whereas when presented with an image or engaging visual, this increases the engagement ten-fold. Do you have a complex process or system that your customers would benefit from understanding visually? A stylised diagram, simply and visually representing each step will go a long way to helping your audience understand its benefits.

We can help you to create:

Character illustration:
Whether you need to bring a description on a page to life or want to refresh your 'Meet the team' page on your website, a stylised visual rather than a stock photo may work wonders. Putting faces to names in a business is always a great way to add that personable feel and will help your audience relate to your staff and companies story. What better way than to have each member turned into a unique character illustration.

Products and merchandise:
Bespoke illustrations that enhance your brand can be printed on just about any item and can be the perfect outlet to reach a wider audience and enhance your product offering, providing this is inline with your business. From printed mugs, t-shirts, totes, clothing, stationery- illustrations can be applied to all of them.

Interior design:
The place where you work becomes the heart and soul of the business, so why not capture the story of your brand with custom illustrations, wall murals or artwork to create an interior space that your team are proud to work in and feel inspired.

Online presence:
Establishing an engaging and memorable online presence in todays market is becoming increasingly difficult due to the sheer amount of competition. Distinctive illustrations and visuals are a great way to spark interest whether its a website banner, landing page or social media feeds.

In short, illustration can be an extremely powerful creative tool that can enhance your brand identity and give your customer experience that extra sprinkle of magic it deserves. So if you want to find out more about how we can help you, visit our illustration services webpages

Written by:
Elisha Gorton.

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