MODX MIGX DB tutorial.

10 October 2013
Read time: 1 min

Written by:
Graeme Leighfield.

After the success of the MIGX TV video tutorial, I have been requested and PM'd by many to make one for MIGX DB. Well here it is! I hope you find this tutorial useful, its 22 minutes long and broken down into 4 easy to manage sections.

This tutorial covers :

  1. Creating a base empty migx package
  2. Our package structure
  3. Our schema
  4. What is schema?
  5. Making our XPDO classes
  6. Creating our database table
  7. Making our migx configuration
  8. Adding a custom action (Linking up our CMP to the top navigation menu)
  9. Making our migxdb page (columns, forms, renders, actions inputTvTypes and default values)
  10. Rendering to the front end (using migxLoopCollection)
  11. XPDO! newObject, getObject and getCollection

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Written by:
Graeme Leighfield.

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