My first month as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

7 October 2022
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Written by:
Jeanne Tizon.

Hey, I'm Jeanne.

I started at GEL Studios as a Digital Marketing Assistant just over a month ago and it is safe to say it has been an amazing last few weeks. This blog post will outline some of my favourite moments so far, and some of the challenges as well as summarise my role in more detail.

I'm 22 years old and did not take the typical route into Marketing. I finished University in May 2022 and I am yet to graduate; the joys of winter graduation!

Since the age of 15, I've aspired to work within the creative media industry. During my sixth form studies, I found a true passion for product photography which is what I have been training for the last five years and it led me to explore fashion and still life photography throughout my years at University.

My employment history is quite contrasting to this industry. Before starting at GEL, I worked in retail for five years and freelanced as a website copywriter and product photographer in my final year of University which were both equally great experiences to build a lot of the interpersonal skills needed to go into Marketing.

Why marketing?

Whilst exploring career opportunities in my final year, I considered many options as I have many different interests and adapt well. I nailed it down to Marketing as I knew this would include so many of the skills and passions I have; from photography, social media management, and content creation to advertising and more. This path would also be the perfect opportunity to learn, especially about things like SEO and Data Reports which are just as interesting to me and brings me back to the time when my University backup option was Maths.

What is your favourite aspect of the role so far?

My first month has been quite busy for everyone in the team and there are so many things I've enjoyed but I have really enjoyed going on client visits with Lewis and Max. Producing content for some of our clients, capturing their people and environment for a day and seeing how they work has been great. It gives me a better understanding of their business as a whole which is so beneficial to the end product, whether it is photos, videos or writing content for their website or socials.

The most challenging part of the job?

Funnily enough, writing blog posts really takes me out of my comfort zone. I have been so used to writing captions for social media and product descriptions on websites that writing in more depth for blogs makes me quite anxious, especially when it involves writing about myself so this blog has been my least favourite task so far! With English being my second language, I have always doubted myself with writing - but it has gotten so much better since being at GEL, especially with the rest of the team being so open to helping out.

What skills do you need and what are your strengths?

Knowing how to adapt is key in this role as we work with companies in all industries, so to produce the best outcomes for all clients, we have to be flexible. One day I can be sending out press releases about an event, the next I will be creating social media content about public speaking or about financial advice. But this is what I find most exciting about this job. One of my strengths is being organised - if my desk doesn't have at least one to-do list on it, you know something is wrong. This is equally as important in this role as we tend to be really busy between different types of clients or different tasks, so being able to efficiently keep track of our work is essential.

What is GEL like as a workplace?

From the day of my interview, right up to the day I started, I could already tell that the organisational culture here at GEL was really positive and professional. No one is forcing me to say this by the way, but it really is. Everyone has been so welcoming, regularly checking up on me and I feel very comfortable asking questions. We are also encouraged to speak up about any ideas or improvements we may have which put me at ease from day one.

What are you most looking forward to whilst being at GEL?

Getting involved in new projects with new clients really excites me and also using more of my photography skills for clients. Additionally, learning more about the work the Design and Development teams do is also something I am looking forward to as I think it's important to understand every facet of the organisation you are a part of.

Now that my first month at GEL has passed, it is safe to say that I have never been happier in a job. This role fulfils me, both professionally and personally, and I am looking forward to growing as a person and as a marketer alongside all the amazing people I work with every day.

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Written by:
Jeanne Tizon.

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