Pay per click advertising- agency or in-house?

28 October 2021
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Written by:
Lewis Moran.

What is PPC advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising or PPC is an advertising model based on the cost an advertiser pays when their online advert is clicked. PPC advertising can run across a number of search engines like Google (where it's known as a Google Ad), or on social media where it's known as a sponsored post.

Some businesses use a combination of PPC and social media adverts in their marketing mix to make sure they are front of mind when customers are searching for the services or products that they offer. Other companies may use one and not the other, whereas some companies might not use paid advertising at all.

So what's the point of PPC advertising?

If people want to find out about a product or service, the first place they'd likely go to is Google. They type in their search term and at the very top of the results, will be three or four listings with "Ad" next to them - these are PPC adverts. Effectively, the advertiser has paid to be high up in the search results. This is the main benefit of PPC advertising. Another benefit, is the opportunity to re-target people who click your ads. The paid adverts also have a degree of reporting available, enabling the advertiser to re-target the same user with social media adverts too.

Let's say you work for a brewery and you have a new range of IPA's you'd like to sell...

(First off, if you are a brewery - I'd love to work with you).

Ideally, you'd have PPC adverts set up on Google using a number of pre-defined keywords and search terms. You'd also input the names of businesses who are your direct competitors so that when people are searching for your competitions products, your adverts show up.

Once your potential customer has clicked on your PPC advert you'd have a "pixel" added to your website so you can then show social media adverts to the same people too - encouraging them to buy your new beer. You could also target cart abandoners with specific messages too.

If you're reading this, it's quite likely that:


Being completely honest with you..

There are pros and cons to both so I want to give you enough information to make a more informed decision.

So, is an in-house team member or agency best for the job?

Ultimately that's your decision to make but hopefully the above has given you a few points to think about.

We've recently added PPC Google Ads to complement our Social media advert and marketing offering. If you'd like to chat a little bit more about the type of support we can offer, feel free to get in touch.

When it comes to PPC advertising, we can help you convert more customers.

Written by:
Lewis Moran.

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