How to reach your audience on LinkedIn.

12 July 2023
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Written by:
Jeanne Tizon.

LinkedIn has been around for over two decades and its usage has become a lot more prominent over the last 5 years. Companies, freelancers and employees are more active than ever on the platform, but it can be difficult to reach your audience.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, LinkedIn is a great platform to increase brand awareness, find new markets, hire individuals and get to know your audience's needs.

We put the following guide to help you reach your audience more effectively.

How do you optimise your Linked Profile or Company Page?

Before considering adopting a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and setting out your goals and objectives, it is vital to optimise your profile and company page.

For profiles

It is essential to ensure your profile is fully set up and optimised. This will help you reach more people when they are searching for companies or specific terms.

LinkedIn recommends a number of steps to optimise your profile:

Ensure most, if not all, of these points, are actioned on your profile and you will be able to create a strong strategy to reach your audience.

For Company Pages

A lot of the above points can be replicated on a Company Page, but ensure you also action these business pages specifics.

What type of content should you post on LinkedIn?

The type of content you post on LinkedIn should be a true reflection of yourself as a person or your business. 

Always use visual assets within your content, either photographs, videos or graphics. This is important to boost engagement and encourage people to stay on your post for longer periods of time, which is advantageous with the current algorithm.

Thought Leadership pieces tend to do well on LinkedIn, but also ensure that you post industry-relevant content such as industry news, tips and tutorials or case studies of your own work.

Sharing personable content is also important. Audiences like to see people and get to know your personality as a person or as a business.

Don't be afraid to share milestones, the LinkedIn community tends to be very supportive and everyone likes to see positive content on their feeds.

Creating polls is another great way to engage your audience and get their opinion and feedback. This is one of the most effective ways to reach a wider audience.

How to grow brand awareness on LinkedIn?

To organically grow brand awareness, ensure your profile or page is fully optimised using the points above. This will get your brand in front of a wider audience, increasing awareness.

Be clear and direct in your messaging to avoid confusion about your products or services.

Get to know your audience and create quality content accordingly. Using LinkedIn Analytics and analysing the basic data can help you make decisions about which content to post. 

Always use visual assets aligned with your brand to increase brand recognition which eventually will result in growing your brand awareness.


If you need any assistance with your LinkedIn Strategy or want more information, visit our social media management services or get in touch.

Written by:
Jeanne Tizon.

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