We escaped Incarcerated! Well, some of us...

2 November 2019
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Written by:
Katie Read.

What better way to bring in the beginning of the month with a bit of team building, in the form of an escape room experience from Incarcerated Swindon.

The team was split into two, the first half taking on "Conspiracy - Agenda 21", and the other half, "The Tortured Soul" - Scary stuff!

Conspiracy - Agenda 21, focused on a plot to reduced the world population to ensure sufficient resources for those remaining (think Thanos's plan, but worse!) and it was our job to solve many puzzles in various forms, to prove to the public that this conspiracy was in fact real!

Proud team pic below from the victors of Conspiracy - Agenda 21, escaping in a time of 56:04, we even had a few minutes to spare before the time ran out too!

The Tortured Soul was a much more scary affair - set in the early 1900's, a series of gruesome events, and a sudden disappearance of a local priest - has triggered the team to descend upon a key house in Victoria road Swindon - through various puzzles again, it was the teams job to solve puzzles and riddles to get tto the bottom of it all!

Unfortunately - team 2 didn't escape, so they will forever be Incarcerated!

Want to find out more about Incarcerated Swindon, or book you and your team an escape room experience? Then check out their website, or facebook page.

Written by:
Katie Read.

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