Why your website "About Us" page is so important.

29 July 2021
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Written by:
Carly Smith.

Most website designs these days will include an "About" page in the sitemap. The name is self explanatory and most users will head there expecting to find out more about the business itself, rather than the products or services they may offer. But what content should be featured on the "About" page - how important is it really?

What does the data show?

Over the last few years, we have noticed a changing trend in website Analytics. Across various different business types and industries, analytics show that traffic to the "About" pages of websites is definitely changing. Years ago - it would typically be product or service pages that users would head to first. They wanted to know what the business "did". However, this has changed and we now quite often see the "About" page being visited first by users in their website journey.

Why is this though? There could be several explanations - one of which is that people care more about who they deal in business with, than what is on offer. Think about this scenario:

A consumer is browsing Google looking for a service and they come across your website, along with your competitor's website. They can see clearly and quickly, without clicking around each site, that you both offer the required service (good website design will help with this!) So they decide to do some further research, into the differences between you and your competitor. They want to see if your business is the right fit for them, as much as the service you offer. For this, they head straight to the "About" page.

What should your "About" page include?

There's a whole host of content that you can include on this page to give customers an insight to your business...

Who you are.

This can typically include content such as your business values and mission statement. It's easy to think that users could scan over these without too much thought, because after all, businesses will always try and paint themselves in a positive light, right? Of course, however, when customers are researching businesses - many will be looking for someone to align and really connect with. Showing what you believe in and why you exist as a business will allow customers to determine if you're right for them. But the benefits are two-fold - because doing this (amongst other things!) should also help your business in attracting the right type of customer.

Where you've been.

Don't be afraid to show the journey of the business - i.e. history and key milestones that have led to where you are now. You don't want to overwhelm the user, but touching on this can help show credible experience.

Why are you different?

Going back to the above scenario - customers may be comparing you against similar businesses to find the best fit for them. So it helps to show why you're different. What can you give customers that others can't? Testimonials are a great addition to this section.


People connect to people - so putting faces to names in a "Team" section is a great way of showing the "personal" side to a company. You can get really creative in these sections too - don't be afraid to try something different and inject a little humour. Check out the GEL Studios team section for an insight...


It's worth spending time on your website's "About" page. Data shows that these types of pages are gaining more traffic, suggesting people want to know more about you, than what you do.

Looking for great website design?

If you need help with your "About" web page design, or anything website related for that matter - we are here to help. We're known for our bespoke website design, but also branding and graphic design - we can help you across the board!

Written by:
Carly Smith.

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