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4 September 2023
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GEL Studios

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GEL Studios.

GEL Studios is a creative agency that provides full-service marketing solutions. 

Over the past decade, the Swindon-based agency has done this through beautiful branding, building killer websites, and delivering meaningful marketing strategies to businesses in the B2B sector. 

Having already delivered a number of workshops to its clients in its previous studio, the agency now has a dedicated workshop space within its recently converted farmhouse that’s perfect for collaboration and conversations.

Moving forward the B-Corp Certified agency will regularly offer three key workshops:

Aimed at solo business owners, the Essential Social Media Workshop is an immersive masterclass full of practical tips and tricks on how to use each platform and ways to optimise your content to engage with users. Spaces are limited to 8 per workshop to ensure maximum value is taken away from the day. The first workshop will be held on 30 October.

The Pillars Branding Workshop is aimed at businesses ready to take their business to the next level. The fully immersive workshop brings together key decision-makers within the business to explore its values and build a bespoke logo and set of guidelines to ensure consistent use of the newly created brand.

Businesses who also want to solidify how they communicate with their customers and stakeholders can undertake a Brand Messaging Workshop. The outcome of the workshop will be a tone-of-voice guide that ensures consistency across all channels.

Graeme Leighfield, Founder of GEL Studios said: 

"Over the past decade, we’ve delivered countless Pillars Branding Workshops that have fundamentally transformed businesses' perception and assisted with their growth

"There is a need, and a clear link between the way a business is represented visually and the way it communicates so we know that offering brand consultancy in the form of interactive workshops is the direction we need to take as a creative agency.

"We appreciate that some smaller businesses that are just starting out may want to upskill their social efforts which is why we’ve also introduced our Essential Social Media Workshop.

"Our mission is to deliver continued success to passionate and aspiring organisations. We do this by spending time really getting to know their business and their long-term goals and these three workshops do just that. 

Our commitment to doing good is also further enforced - by means of offering the social media class free of charge for nonprofits and local organisations doing good in the local community.

GEL Studios

Written by:
GEL Studios.

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