Branding and logo design.

Stand out from the crowd.

And look the ultimate pro. Going that extra mile is worth every penny when it comes to looking crisp and professional, and keeping your brand consistent across all forms of communication. Nothing shows you care more about your clients, than that extra sprinkle of attention to detail.

Let us show you what we can do...

A range of branded materials

Standing out has never been so easy.

Your brand is who you are and what you stand for. It’s the essence of what you represent - it’s your reputation. It needs to stand out but not stick out, be assertive but not aggressive. It has to be just right. And that ladies and gentlemen, is where we step in. It’s what we do.

Our team of designers have over 15 years’ experience in building extremely successful brands, and are perfectly placed to help you create the brand identity of your dreams. Ensuring that you keep your business front of mind for current customers, and attract new ones like crazy.

A brand is more than just a logo and business cards. So before we get to creating brand visuals that turn heads, we'll work with you and your team to get to the core of who you really are as a business. Why do you do what you do? What separates you from the rest?

And the outcome? A brand identity that is a true reflection of your business, that can be rolled out across a full range of printed and digital items, so your launch is a complete success from day one.

Swim with Jazz logo on bus stop

Logo. Go. Go.

When it comes to logo design, the key to success is something that's recognisable and memorable, whilst setting the right first impression. All within seconds! Quite the challenge, right? Luckily for you – we have just the solution.

With a deep understanding of who you are, what you do, and why you do it - coupled with your logo non-negotiables, our designers will transform your doodles into the stuff of dreams. The only real restriction is how far you’re willing to let that imagination of yours soar.

"Your brand is what other people say about you, when you're not in the room.

- Jeff Bezos.

Branded shopping bag and business card
Branding guidelines

With a full set of branding guidelines. Always.

Consistency is everything when it comes to successful branding. So once we've been through the journey of creating your brand values and visuals, you'll receive a set of guidelines to help ensure everyone in your business is aligned towards achieving the same thing. After all, if internally you're not all on board with what you're doing, how can you expect your customers to be?

The guidelines will cover everything from your brand position and values, to colour palettes and the logo dos and don'ts.

Get that brand out there.

We can roll your branding and new logo design out across a whole range of printed and digital items.

Logo design.

A brand new, legendary logo to get you instantly recognised by your audience and set that all important right first impression.

Brochure design.

Give your customers something tangible with a fully crafted brochure showing your business at its best.


Make that lasting impression with branded and professional business cards, letter heads and comp slips.

Marketing and advertising.

From posters, leaflets and billboards, to online adverts or exhibition materials - we can help you spread the word.

Vehicle graphics.

Car, van, truck or train - no vehicle is too big or too small for your branding. Spread the message far and wide.

Social media.

Your brand and messaging will be perfectly styled and optimised for your online following. Stand out from the crowd in those infinite feeds!

What we've worked on.

Treat your eyeballs.

We specialise in the beautiful. Each bespoke website design or graphic design is studiously crafted until it strikes the perfect balance of effortless style and seamless usability that we pride ourselves on. Want some proof? Take a look at some of our most recent work. Go on, your eyeballs will thank you for it.

"They always go the extra mile."

Mike and the team at GEL have been amazing throughout the time we have spent working with them. They have created a completely new brand identity for Hughes Escott which we are all so pleased with. They listened to our ideas and created innovative designs to fit in with our vision and values. Nothing is ever too much for them and they respond quickly to queries and requests for amendments.

They always go the extra mile and alongside our new logo they have also created designs for our new business cards and graphics for our new social media pages. We would highly recommend GEL Studios.

Alice Escott,
(Marketing & Sales co-ordinator, Hughes Escott)

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