Business Consultancy.

With years of demonstrable experience, we know that we can make a big difference to your project.

Solving problems is what we do - so if you're a business owner that's facing a technical challenge, or a project manager with a target to hit - we can successfully collaborate to find the best solution for your needs - every time.

Discussing business consultancy at GEL Studios

Providing valuable and reliable business insights.

It's always best to start a project at the beginning. However, it can sometimes be a place surrounded by lots of questions. Questions which if not asked or answered correctly, can shape the rest of the project - for better, or more often than not - for worse.

Our approach to solving this is simple - we have open and honest conversations about the purpose of what you're trying to achieve and then using our many years of experience, find a solution that works.

This may appear to be simple, however it's a proven process that's evolved over many years, along with many conversations with business owners/project managers where they are simply too close to their business or product. We provide that much needed outside-in view, every time.

How we can make a difference.

All of our experience is available to you, however below are just a few of the common types of project that we embark upon with our clients.

Digital transformation


We can take businesses of any size or shape, through one or more of our services such as award-winning website design, brand creation or support.

The end result is a well deployed solution that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

We always like to think towards the future - resulting in solutions that will stand the test of time, and be flexible where needed to compliment your businesses growth and/or direction.

Process creation business consultancy Swindon

Process creation.

We've helped many businesses create automated processes that allow for the saved time to be spent doing other things. What's more - they're completely scalable.

We take the time to fully understand your needs - so that we can learn to spend time on what makes us truly different than our competition, and automate things that can save us precious time.

Identifying these areas normally leads us to clearly identifying your USPs and differentiating factors.

Understand your customers

Proven understanding.

Sometimes, you are just too close to your product or offering. The result of this is planning solutions around the minority, not the majority.

We provide a much needed outside-in view, which is non-biased, and non-sector specific.

Using our tried and tested methods along with market research, customer questions and polls, we can provide valuable data to enforce any business decisions. A recipe for success.

Schedule an introductory call.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation to anyone interested in working with GEL Studios on a consultancy basis. This time can be best used to tell us about your specific needs or requirements and from that, we can recommend how we can work together.

Our experience, making a difference to you.

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Business consultancy swindon

All shapes, sizes and sectors.

Over our many years in business, we've worked with all types of businesses, of all sizes spanning many different sectors. It's because of this diversity, that we've become known to create effective solutions that work, with our clients' goals front and centre at all times.

We continually monitor and analyse our clients' successes, which expertly positions us with a diverse range of solutions and tools that we can apply to your specific project and/or business needs.

Our previous work

Each selected portfolio piece below required our consultancy practices to understand, recommend, and integrate core business logic.

The end result is always an uplift in revenue generated from the solution, but also a vastly improved brand perception. Also, behind the scenes there are many new automated business processes developed to make not only managing their digital presence easier but to also give valuable accruate data to aid future business decisions.

"A really hard-working professional team."

GEL designed and developed my website earlier this year. As I result I have a fab looking responsive website. Since the launch, I've had contacted them since countless times with things I haven't understood So, it was never a case of 'here's your website - bye bye"

A really hard-working professional team and responsive out of hours as well. Would highly recommend them. Especially when they invite you in and make you tea!

Fran Lyons
(Nikki Nocky Noo)

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