Continuous user testing.

Ensure everything on your website works and looks the way it should.

  • Run tests at any time for any device, browser and screen size
  • Get instant alerts providing you with real-time updates
  • Gain confidence in your website

Ready to get confident with your website? Set up continuous user testing today!

Why would I want this?

In short, identify issues on your website that are caused by updates so that they can be resolved swiftly and with minimal disruption.

Integrations and the logic your website has been built on can sometimes cause issues as a result of updates/security fixes/depreciation. Some common examples from our experience are:

  • An update to your content management system and/or plugins has resulted in other plugins no longer working
  • Third-party integrations change or become end-of-life (EOL), resulting in forms not submitting/erroring
  • Updates to payment gateways prevent transactions from completing
  • Content changes have undesired effects on key converting pages elsewhere

Implications of not spotting these potential issues may result in lost enquiries, loss in revenue and even a negative impact on how your website is found in search engines.

If you're unsure about the implications you may have on your website, we gladly offer a free 30-minute no obligation call where we can explore together how our testing offering may benefit you.

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Will this work with my website?

Yes. We've made it so that this is available to all websites. Benefits include:

  • You decide the frequency of your tests (per hour, day, week e.t.c)
  • Target specific browsers, operating systems and screen sizes
  • We'll work with you to configure each test to be exactly how you like it
  • Automated fault logging - if an issue is found it will be logged to us, and you, instantly

Prices start at £95 +VAT per month for two tests fully configured based upon your needs, running twice per day. Additional tests can be added upon request. 

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Ready to get confident with your website? Set up continuous user testing today!

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