Google reCAPTCHA V3.

It's not what your forms been completed with, it's how...

Want to stop spam DEAD on your MODX website? Then you need reCaptcha V3

Let's stop spam - dead.

Bots, spam, and emails asking us to send out bank details, and emails offering us naughty things... They are all distractions, and they are all fake. It's the spam we hate, and we seem to just "put up with it".

We take spam seriously, and we've always been on the forefront of new methods to stop spam - dead.

So, how does it work?

Unfortunately, bots get wiser, and the methods ever more sophisticated. Thankfully, Google have launched the reCAPTCHA v3 project, and we are pleased to be offering this method of spam protected to all MODX websites.

We've made a handy infographic, showing just how Google reCAPTCHA V3 works. But in short - it's not what is entered into your forms - its how.

Can I have it?

We've made it so that this method will work on all MODX websites.

Benefits include

  • You decide the passing score - choose between 0 (nothing) and 100 (everything),
  • You control the error message shown to bots,
  • Display or hide the reCaptcha logo on your website? Your choice.
  • Logs of spam fails available upon request,
  • Non obtrusive to a users journey - genuine site visitors will not be effected!

We can install this upon your MODX website for 2 hours work (£150 +VAT), and that includes 2 forms. Extra forms are available for £37.50 +VAT


Want to stop spam DEAD on your MODX website? Then you need reCaptcha V3

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