Design support services.

All the benefits, with none of the overhead.

Not every business requires a full-time designer, yet most do need some design resource - with our retainers you can strike that perfect balance.

Design expertise when you need it.

It'll be just like we're a member of your team.

Not every business requires a full-time designer, but most businesses do need some degree of design resource - with our design support retainers you can strike that perfect balance.

With none of the overheads of hiring a full-time employee and the knowledge of knowing that you have dedicated resource available for any design activity you need, you will quickly see all of the benefits of having design resource with us.

There's more - not only do you get a discount upon our normal hourly rate but as a retainer client, any request goes to the top of the queue. You'll also have direct communication with your designer when ever you need it.

How much would you like?

We have a range of packages to suit your needs. All our solutions ensure that if you need something doing - it goes straight to the top of the queue!

It's easy to get started, and after an initial 3-month term, it's a rolling month.

£300 / MO


  • 5 hours per month,
  • Monthly saving of £75,
  • Priority service,
  • 2 meeting calls per month.

Perfect for businesses with light graphic design requirements, or just exploring outsourcing opportunities.

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£750 / MO


  • 12 hours per month,
  • Monthly saving of £150,
  • Priority service,
  • 3 meeting calls per month.

Businesses that have a regular requirement and need for design, and have various ongoing activities scheduled in.

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£1,500 / MO

Lift off.

  • 24 hours per month,
  • Monthly saving of £300,
  • Priority service,
  • 4 meeting calls per month.

For businesses looking to outsource most or all of their design, and require constant professional design support.

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Looking for more than just design?

You're in the right place.

We're an award winning creative agency, with extensive experience in not only design, but branding and websites too! Want to know more? Then get in touch to see how we can help your business.

What can I do with my resource?

So much! Here are some common uses from our existing clients:

  • Create or update flyers, banners, digital graphics of any shape or size,
  • Creation of social media graphics to support posts, campaigns or promotions,
  • Creation of adverts that are to be placed into publications such as newspapers or magazines,
  • Creation of graphics or templates for email newsletters,
  • Updating imagery that's used upon your website,
  • Altering graphics/photographs so that they can be used on new collateral (business cards, clothing, vehicles e.t.c)

It's purposefully diverse, so whatever you want designing, be it creation, or altering - we can help.

If you'd like to get just a taster of what we're capable of - have a glance at our portfolio.

I'd like your design support.

What's included?

All of the below come as standard with any GEL Studios Design support retainer.

Peace of mind.

Guaranteed hours per month ensures that you know whatever you have planned, or what's around the corner, we have you covered. Dependable, reliable resource - when you need it!

Discounted rate.

To our retainer clients, we offer a discounted hourly rate - the bigger the resource you have, the greater the discount with no change in our service offered.

Set amount.

We track all time, and are completely transparent about where your time is spent. You will never be billed more, unless we've obtained your permission prior.


Building an ongoing relationship is important, that's why you'll only ever have one designer working on your account. Over time, they will get to know you and your business inside out.

Real expertise.

Our award-winning designers are experts at what they do, ensuring that you get the absolute best quality of work available. We don't follow trends - we set them.

Task tracking.

You and your colleagues have your own digital space. Use this space to add in as many tasks or discussions as you wish, whenever you like, and be updated - real time!

How would us working together - work?

We've tried to keep our working process as simple as possible, ensuring that we spend more time doing work, instead of time scheduling it in.

The result? Four easy to follow steps:

  1. Kickoff call,
  2. Add to the board,
  3. Feedback,
  4. Repeat!

It really is that simple!

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