Graphics for TV and Film.

We work in collaboration with studio art departments on their film and TV projects designing posters, packaging, social media, websites, and much more.

P.S If you're connected to Marvel - we really want to work with you!

A collaborative approach to your studios design needs.

We pride ourselves on making the whole process simple, because, well - why shouldn't it be? We can work with one, or many members of your production/design crew in a highly collaborative way to ensure assets are delivered, on time, to brief, and they look - fantastic.

A storyboard, or just an idea - we can start from anywhere, and provide your production with the design support it needs to cross the finish line.

Calling upon on our extensive experience as a creative agency, we can solve any design problem, and bring new ideas and exciting ways of thinking into your production.

Case study: Modern Horror Stories, Comedy Central.

We were commissioned to produce various designed resources as props, to assist with Comedy Central's series of shorts, Modern Horror Stories.

Check out our work in the video below. Or for more information, read our full case study.

Graphic design.

We can support your production with many traditional graphic design elements such as newspapers, leaflets, posters, signage, billboards, identification, certificates, clothing and much much more!

Any asset you need - we can design and whats more, we can also ensure the creation of it, so that the finished article is delivered direct to you on set!

text message digital overlay

On screen graphics.

As technology advances and integrates itself further into our society and everyday lives, we too have changed how we engage and react to it.

From movies on the big screen, to TV shows and commercials, gone are the days where we as viewers are left squinting at the screen trying to read the text on the actor's phone. With the use of graphic overlays, we can immerse ourselves in the live conversation as it happens.

From an idea, or a story board, we can help take your productions vision and turn into a consistent and easy to implement post production on screen graphic.

text message digital overlay

Digital props.

Calling upon our experience of creating highly bespoke, and truly unique websites and e-commerce solutions - we can create fully interactive, fully functioning digital props to use in your production.

Actual working props can add a whole new dimension to your production by removing the need for improvisation, and replacing with an actual asset that the actors can interact with.

Digital props may include applications on mobile phones, demonstrating app usage, websites mimicking interactions such as social media, and video calling solutions for staged video calls and much more.

How can we help with your tv or film project?

Below are just a few examples about how we could help with your project.

Logo and brand creation.

Using our extenstive experience, we can design and produce professional logos and brands to support your whole production.

Posters and leaflets.

Traditional leaflets and posters used on walls, bus shelters, buses, billboards - anywhere! We can design posters that make an impact!


We can not only design, but create through our partners actual signs to use on your set. Anything is possible!


We can produce many items of clothing for your cast, or crew, that are on brand for your production.

Mobile phone interaction.

We can create overlaid digital graphics to visually show the audience interaction. Messaging, app usage, navigation anything!


Image based, or fully functioning. Examples are social media site replication, ecommerce sites showing transactions, banking e.t.c


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