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Becrypt are a UK based SME with over 20 years experience in the cyber security industry supplying government and security-conscious businesses with a huge range of services and solutions. They reached out to us for help at a crucial stage of their business growth and development. The brief involved a huge collation exercise of 3 brands and sites into one fully functional and easy to administer website. This involved an intense and thoroughly planned user journey strategy before we even reached the initial wire-framing stage. The wire-frames then allowed us to determine the best page and content hierarchy.

What made this project more than just another re-design was that we initiated a complete overhaul to their dated e-commerce experience by introducing a much simpler and quicker 2-step purchase process for the user. The site is also multi-context meaning not only was the site needed for the UK but for the US as well.

The design of the site was an evolution of previous branding, with a clean, modern take. We used the bright colours to highlight key content.

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