The brief.


Cognica are experts in information collection, collation and delivery of data and documentation. They are part of the WRc PLC Group and approached us looking for a new website and set of branding guidelines.

Their Wordpress website was not providing what they needed when it came to administration control, but also when it came to effectively communicating their offering. There was a focus around the individual services offered by Cognica, but not on how these could be combined to provide the most value and a fully working solution for their customers.

Cognica responsive website design
Cognica mobile payment form


A focus on improved usability.

Our planning phase of the project involved a complete change in how services were presented to the user. We turned the focus to the end solutions, so users could immediately relate to where they were in the process and what they needed from Cognica. This reduced the number of clicks and steps a user had to take in order to gain all the relevant information they needed - a massive improvement on usability. Once we had this plan in place, we progressed on to the design. To avoid a complete visual change, they wanted to stay familiar to their existing brand, so we used their existing colour palette and focussed on a new font and graphic elements to give the existing Cognica look and feel a refresh.

Development included a fully mobile-responsive build using the latest Bootrstrap framework and integration in to the MODX CMS - giving Admin full control over all of their content. We also created a payment landing page that integrated with Stripe as a payment gateway, so Cognica customers could pay their invoices with ease.

Cognica website design on laptop
Cognica website design on mobile
Cognica website design on tablet


Branding guidelines.

Once the new website design was completed, Cognica wanted to roll the new style and design out across the rest of the brand to achieve consistency. To aid with this, we created a full set of branding guidelines which included guidance on various marketing materials, but also information on the company values. Cognica are part of a larger group (WRc PLC), but they felt it was still important for their business to have internal alignment of their own core identity.

Cognica branding guidelines

"Eager to go the extra mile..."

Excellent support with branding, design, website development and ecommerce platforms. Knowledgeable and eager to go the extra mile to deliver the project.

Barry Crisp
(Managing Director at Cognica)

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