Some people know how to cook. Some practise martial arts. Luke at Computer Fix Swindon? Well, he has spent the last 14 years getting to know his way around computers. It’s been no walk in the park. That’s why he has created Computer Fix Swindon – to share his knowledge and help people baffled by megabytes, struggling with Skype or just finding techy stuff a tad tricky.

His know-how has been gleaned from working in IT Support for the NHS, an accountancy firm and he is currently working in the IT Department of the West’s biggest direct and digital advertising agency. Plus, he spend evenings and weekends working his magic on computers, tablets and TVs across Swindon and the rest of Wiltshire too.

So, next time you get a visit from the computer gremlins, give Computer Fix Swindon a call!

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Luke Sampson.

"I went with my gut instinct and chose GEL Studios. Their 'can do' attitude to getting things done is refreshing to see.

From design, implementation and training I’ve been nothing but impressed and will definitely recommend them."

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