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Eames Laurie offer financial planning services and as soon as we met with Managing Partner, Paul, there was an instant connection and we knew we'd make a great team. We loved Paul's passion and drive for wanting to help people - his values and what he believed in completely aligned with GEL Studios.

Eames Laurie were in need of the full works - branding and logo design, graphic design, website design and ongoing marketing services for SEO and social media management.

We kicked off the process with our Pillars Branding Workshop; an immersive session involving key decision makers, where we go through core aspects of the brand. All of this then feeds directly into a strategy for a new website, marketing plan and messaging, as well as providing visual direction. Due to the services offered and the type of customers, we wanted to create a high quality brand, to reflect the advice given by the team and the overall experience someone has with Eames Laurie.

Brand design for Eames Laurie

Surprisingly, not dull!

From spending time with the Eames Laurie team, it was clear they did not fit the stereotype of financial advisers. Their relaxed vibe and approachability was something we really wanted to portray. Customer involvement is more one-to-one with an adviser, rather than with the Eames Laurie team as a whole, so it was important for us to introduce individual team members in the right way, to set the right impression from the get-go. Research from the previous website also suggested this was incredibly important, as the "Meet our team" page was receiving the most traffic.

Another aspect that was important to portray, was how Eames Laurie are very invested in giving back. Each year they donate to good causes and support the local community, and they're also aiming to be net zero by 2030.

Website design for Eames Laurie

Ongoing marketing.

Through the branding workshop, we identified the most effective marketing areas that Eames Laurie should focus on; social media, SEO and content marketing. We started by creating a comprehensive, year-long marketing strategy, along with planning a year's worth of content - both designed to compliment the rest of the brand image.

After identifying Eames Laurie's key customer segment, we decided that focusing on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as channels would offer the best return on investment for them.

We also performed extensive SEO keyword research - identifying which terms were of most relevant to Eames Laurie and ensuring these were used throughout the content on the website, as well as in alt text on optimised images. To complement the SEO strategy, we consulted on and wrote compelling copy that was used across the website and a series of blog articles. The copy was both informative and engaging for the reader - which naturally involved us getting our research hats on and diving deep into the world pension planning, mortgages and investments!

On top of the marketing activities, we created Eames Laurie a custom Google Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) report. The report is interactive, instantly available and easy to understand. The report collects all marketing metrics and makes them accessible at a moments notice. The report articulates how campaigns are fulfilling goals, and generating sales-ready leads too.

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