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Elevation Services are a professional IT service company, keeping cutting-edge technology and highly skilled professionals at the heart of everything they do. They came to us at the beginning of their new business venture, and we worked with them to solidify and visualise their brand identity and messaging through our Branding Workshop and Messaging Workshop, followed by a crafted website to fit their needs.


Branded digital design for Elevation

A strategic dive…

Our immersive workshops allowed us to take a strategic dive into the brand and messaging, and ultimately how we would position Elevation to the right audience. Our Pillars Branding Workshop looked at the purpose, values and perception, whilst the Brand Messaging Workshop took things to a new level, looking at audience personas, tone and language.

A sophisticated brand, for the IT delivery industry.

For the brand identity, we utilised a blue colour palette for the new brand identity which is often recognised as a sign of stability, reliability and knowledge, which in this business are three key messages we wanted to visualise. This combined with a geometric “E” icon and a simple, clean font created the logo. These shapes, angles and colours were then explored throughout the rest of the brand identity including the website, social media graphics and other brand assets.

Elevation logo design
Elevation social graphic design
Branded slide deck presentation design

A website with a difference.

Once we had captured the brand, the next step was to craft a website that accurately depicted Elevation Services and the tailored services they provide. The site was to have a large emphasis on thought leadership and the knowledge and experience that they provide their customers. This was explored by in-depth end-service pages which included content areas that allowed their processes to be communicated clearly and easily along with a case study area that allows the business to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in their industry with a deep dive into their client base and particular solutions they have crafted.

Our creative services extended beyond website planning, design and development, as our Marketing team also created SEO-optimised website content with input from our Brand Messaging Workshop. We also attended and directed a photoshoot, ensuring the website was filled with professional, yet personalised imagery.

Laptop website design for Elevation
Tablet website design for Elevation
Mobile website design for Elevation


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