Empirica Resourcing are a new company and we helped them by creating a logo and brand identity, along with a responsive website.

As this was a brand new site, we had a blank canvas when it came to layout and content planning. We started by getting to know Empirica; who were they, what were their unique selling points and who are their customers? Spending time learning this information was key as it meant we could put ourselves in the position of the website user. By doing this, we were able to plan the entire site - from page structure to word-for-word copy, ensuring the user experience would be a good one.

Once we had a plan in place, we moved on to the design stage. Hywel had specified that he wanted a contemporary site with a black and red colour palette. The aim of the site was very simple; inform users of the services so they can enquire about a tailored plan for them. So it was decided the design would be the same - simple. There was no need to complicate things for the user, so we used lots of white space meaning each call-to-action stood out.

The site is super fast and was built using the popular Bootstrap 3 framework. We integrated it into MODX CMS, meaning Empirica have complete editorial and layout control via the CMS and Modmore's content blocks solution.

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