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We helped Framework Training, by taking their out of date, slow and cumbersome Wordpress solution, and migrating them onto a new web CMS that would serve as a reliable and future proof platform.

With the creative and development freedom that MODX allows, we were able to effortlessly tie in their website, with their course booking system Administrate.

The integration was only half the task, the rest was devoted to providing them with a website that could grow and change as they do. We achieved this by implementing modmores Content Blocks solution. Meaning that moving forward, new pages, layouts and landing pages, could be created quickly and effortlessly, in knowledge that we had taken care of every visual aspect.

A word from Tom Walker.

"The constant responsive feedback we had instilled real confidence in getting the new website designed, built and deployed. Graeme and team provide a level of customer service which equals the technical ability they have in delivering high-quality and engaging brand-aware websites."

Greasy fast speed

Speed, was from the offset, going to be an important development factor. Not only for end user experience, but for page rank and SEO purposes also.

Their existing website was fast, and had good rankings and statistics across the board. Not to turn away from a challenge, we heavily optimised the administrate API calls and fully utilised the MODX cache methods available to us. We also did another whole chunk of work to ensure that every aspect was catered for.

The outcome? A page that loads in almost one sixth of the pervious site. Despite having more content and a larger initial page size!

Lets make that sale

We integrated Foxycart as the payment method, and coupled with the customisation we have made to the administrate API, the administration is minimal to book a course. Simply make the page, add in the course code, and viola, dates, prices, and the ability to purchase directly online or invoice, is readily available.

In summary

It was great to work with Ian and Tom from Framework Training on this project, and we are really proud of what we have created for them.

We've extended upon their existing web presence, by providing them with a solution that will grow and continue to flourish for years to come. The website performs, and has both integrations into administrate, and Foxycart, to enable maximum conversions with minimal administration.

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