Girls Gone Rad are a movement aiming to increase exposure of women in sport, stamp out equality issues and actively encourage women to get involved. The website would primarily be used for blogging, as well as promoting events and selling products. GEL Studios were involved with the complete rebranding of GGR, as well creating a brand new website.

First up: brand identity.

Even though GGR is about women, the client, Sophie, was keen for the brand to not give an overly ‘feminine’ vibe. She wanted to keep the brand cool and current, with the aim of one day being able to apply this to different merchandise so people could have a GGR board sticker (for example). The target audience for GGR is basically any female looking to get into, or already in to adventure sports (surfing, skating, skateboarding, snowboarding etc), and also those who want to raise awareness of women in sport. So when it came to logo concepts, 2 things that we really wanted to incorporate were:

  • Equality: this had to be subtle though, as the client was keen to not to push this in people’s faces too much.
  • Cool & simple: All logos should be simple, but we wanted this to be cool and current because of the audience it needed to appeal to.

We also envisaged from the start that GGR would be a very visual brand, that needed flexibility when it came to fonts and colours etc. So the brand includes lots of lifestyle images, with a selection of 'edgy' fonts.

Next up: the website.

As always, we started with wireframe plans to map all the elements of each page and the user journey, followed by the design stage. We actually used the design stage to further experiment with other visual elements in the brand. Overall, the pages look cool and neutral, with plenty of impactful images.

Our favourite feature though, is the ever changing header background image. There were so many images that worked well within the brand, we decided to use them all to add to the user experience. Each time a user lands on a different page within the site, the image changes.
The site was built using the Bootstrap 3 framework, and integrated into MODX CMS. The site is super fast, and Sophie has full editorial control over all the content and blog articles.

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