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Inspire Displays

Inspire Displays are one of Swindon's largest exhibition stand companies and when they approached us, their site was dated, un-responsive and in need of a complete revamp. Their job is to make their customers stand out at an exhibition or event, with maximum impact - and their website needed to reflect that to users from the get go.

We started by taking things right back to basics. We assessed every page and piece of content, then restructured the entire site in to a more logical and engaging user journey. More prominence was given to the 3 stands, with additional detail on the process of Inspire Displays, and why customers should trust them over competitors. SEO also played a large part in the planning stage of this website. We carried out keyword research and ensured the new pages coincided with this.

It was also during the planning phase where was assisted with new content for the site. Previously, the website copy was very formal and didn't reflect the true personality of Inspire Displays. We helped change their tone of voice to be more relaxed, meaning that overall, the site would be much more relatable for users, and also enjoyable.

During the design phase, we wanted to stay faithful to the black and green of the brand. Inspire Displays are known for this colour combination, so it was important that this was kept when transitioning to a new site. The biggest change in design from previous to new, was moving from predominantly black pages, to white. The juxtaposition of the clean white pages and injections of the brand's black and green, make for a super modern feel that provides the right level of impact of various elements, at the right time.

It's built in MODX 2.5, along with some super cool add-ons from the team at modmore and as well as being hosted with us, has had extensive caching work carried out to ensure the image heavy site runs fast and without a glitch. Due to lots of customisation in the manager area, Marina and the team also have a very efficient and personalised interface to administer the site - ideal when creating portfolio entries and blog posts.

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