LUKU Home is a complete ecommerce solution, specialising in beautiful hand picked styles for your home.

GEL Studios has developed the project over the course of several months with regards to the following key areas:

  • Complete design to Magento CE theme,
  • Server consultation and configuration to PCID compliant levels,
  • Complete Sagepay & SSL integration in direct, server, and form variations,
  • Bespoke LUKU Looks bundle item solution,
  • Many bespoke alterations to Mangeto CE's core framework.

We will be releasing a dedicated blog post to the development process of LUKU home shortly. Check back soon for more information. Until then, please show your support and visit LUKU Home.

Ross Parkin.

"GEL Studios were always happy to explain the technical aspects of the development, as well as come up with solutions to all of the design features that we threw at them. The result was a very slick, complex and yet simply presented site. Thanks!"

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