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PATS Pilates is a studio in Milton Keynes, offering weekly Pilates classes and Pilates Instructor courses. The new website needed to shout about the experience of Pat and her instructors, communicate what Pilates is along with the benefits, but most of all, allow users to easily look at weekly classes and request a place.

As always, we started by reviewing the old website; figuring out what worked and what didn't, along with what Pat liked and didn't like. This then contributed to our plan for the new site. We completely restructured the page hierarchy and layouts, placing content in more logical places making for a more logical user journey. We did opt to keep the lefthand side bar though, as it was something that Pat liked, and overall we felt it was different to most modern day websites that feature a header at the top of each page.

We then progressed in to the design phase, which quickly led to the company logo (unexpectedly!) being re-considered. The design we wanted to implement made the existing logo look very dated and out of place. The logo also didn't follow some basic logo design principles - enter GEL Studios! We stepped in to create PATS Pilates a brand new logo that's clean, modern and appealing to their target audience.

This then enabled us to progress through the design stages. We wanted to keep the colour palette of the site blue and green and opted for a darker blue sidebar, so that the white body of the main content area had maximum impact. This white area then allowed for the lighter blue and green of certain call-to-actions to really stand out too.

The site was built using the Bootstrap 3 framework, and integrated into MODX CMS. Pat and her team will have full editorial control over content and blog articles, and as the site is also hosted with GEL Studios, it's super fast!


Pat Jenkins.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carly and Graeme for their hard work, commitment, support, positive and encouraging attitude that they both bought to the project. Their professionalism embodies GEL Studios' philosophy. The website vision and concept was clear and this enabled the design and build to be executed to the brief. PATS Pilates is very happy with the end product and are excited with the up and coming website launch. It has been a pleasure to work with them both."

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